We offer items to make your space sacred; Palo Santo, Dragon’s Blood dipped White Sage, Healing, Spiritual and Metaphysical Art, Healing-Crystal infused products, astrology constellation candles, aromatherapy, Empath Protection Sprays and many more.

Being an Empath myself, I created a few products, back in 2011, that I couldn’t find but knew I needed if I were to stay sane during some very turbulent and surreal times. 

I was grateful to discover early on I could easily develop my spiritual gifts and use them to work for meby helping others. I can also help you develop yours. Helping others, helping animals and especially helping empaths is my life's purpose.

If you feel anxious, depressed, or depleted more often than not, and wish there was an off switch to absorbing the energy and emotions of everyone in your space, I can help. If you are wondering if you could be going crazy I can teach you how to neutralize & clear your energy field and harness the magic of your innate spiritual gifts, in a way that elevates & empowers you. You will never have to question if the depression you are suddenly feeling is yours, or someone in your surroundings.

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We inherited Sam, our Tibetan Spaniel, when my ex-husband died.  We didn’t know much of what Sam experienced, but I knew my ex was not always kind with pets and very strict with them. 

When I called on Kathleen to help me with Sam, he was a bit of a loner.  We had 3 other dogs, who stayed with each other throughout the day and followed me all around the house.  Sam stayed on the stair landing, only moving for potty breaks and food.  He didn’t come to greet us when we got home and didn’t participate with people. He was grumpy, didn’t like to be picked up, and seemed irritated when we tried to pet him. 

Kathleen told me she removed rage, hopelessness, and confusion.  Sam wasn’t sure how he fit in with our new family, felt loyalty for my ex-husband, and didn’t think we liked him.  He didn’t really think anyone would want to love him again.  

Once Kathleen began working on him, things changed dramatically.  It took a very short time – but he is a different dog now.  He hangs out with everyone, greets us at the door, watches TV with us, allows us to cuddle with him and loves to be pet now. We have all noticed a huge difference. He seems so much happier!  She has worked on my other dogs as well – they told her they didn’t believe the difference in Sam!  Even my skeptical partner says he completely notices a huge difference as well. 

Kathleen has helped all of my dogs be peaceful and healthy.  And she has helped me so much too. 

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