• Kathleen Phalen

10 Easy Ways to Tap into Divine Power

Do you ever long for a hugely profound spiritual experience? Maybe you have yearned to feel a divine presence and want to tap into all that power?

When I was first told I was an Empath, a psychic, and spiritually gifted I thought the people who told me this were insane; even though I had experiences my entire life to prove otherwise. I was also annoyed when they told me the road to unlocking my spiritual potential was through meditation and connecting with universal source energy. I thought to my self, um yeah, OK, I can think of 100 things I’d rather be doing than sitting still for hours focusing on my breath. If I have to chase after that elusive “Spirit Energy” in order to benefit from my gifts, then just forget it. Way too much work. Besides, I was busy.

Because of my protests against this spiritual road, I researched all the possible ways I can get to my goal – and I adapted all the SIMPLE ways. I discovered all the short cuts to unlock divine power. I certainly reaped the benefits and I’m here to show you that you can too (without becoming a monk for two years).

These simple tips are gathered from my own experiences as well as those from two experts in the etheric realms who rely on the divine to serve and assist them in their work as healers, professional mediums, intuitives, and channelers.

  1. Declare Your Sacred Space. Declare a room, a corner, any space in your dwelling as sacred. Keep it clutter free, tidy and clean. This space is yours to connect, reflect, and get still. This is your bubble. Come here for insight and inspiration.Keep a few things in your space: incense, sage, Palo Santo, a cushion or meditation pillow, images of deities that best resonate with you, and art that reminds you of unconditional love and peace. Some people use sound, such as singing bowls, to clear their space. Upon entering this area, a sound of some type could be the signal your nervous system needs to relax, wind down and fall easier into a state of meditation. 

  2. Build an altar or shrine. Make offerings of incense, flowers/herbs, fruits, water, vegetables or even wine depending on who the offering is intended for. Get creative. The possibilities are endless when we consider who the altar is for; could be for deities, religions, ancestors, a departed pet, animals, your higher self, your child self, your inner genius, your guides or unseen friends.

  3. Sit in Quiet. I cannot tell you the gifts that will open up to you once you have mastered the art of meditation. I used to think it was scary; something one must practice rigorously, or endure hours of boring nothingness in order to maintain results. That’s not the case. If you have 10 mins, a pair of headphones (or not), an internet connection to play a guided meditation on YouTube and the desire to maintain stillness-you have conquered it. It doesn’t mean you must sit quietly for hours, nor does it mean you must have zero thoughts, or have a blank canvas. You don’t even need to have a mantra, all it means is you are willing to redirect yourself when your thoughts start to wonder. When I started doing this, I noticed decreased anxiety, better sleep, less road rage and then I would often experience inexplicable sensations of euphoria. It felt like pure bliss. The best high I have ever experienced.

  4. Call to Your Angels/Guides/Spirit and Invite Them In. Do so as if you were inviting your friends to come in to sit with you for some tea. Wait a moment and see if you sense a shift in the room, a sound or a sensation. Something that suggests you are no longer alone. Perhaps you don’t feel anything at all at first. Keep practicing, they will come. Once you have made the invitation clear and you have waited a sufficient time, put on music, light incense and candles (sacred space) then begin to channel. Note your experience through recording or journaling, I have more detail on journaling below. You can also use pendulums or tarot card readings as well to assist in divine translation.

  5. Specific Guided Meditations. There are a ton on YouTube. Look up “meeting your higher self” to start off or “meet your spirit guides.” Once you can communicate with your guides in a meditative state, you are ready to do a writing assignment called, “Ask, Listen, Write.”

  6. Ask, Listen, Write. You may ask your questions aloud, or telepathically (in your head) or you can even write the question down. Aim them towards the divine guides you spoke to during your guided meditations. Note: it’s best to stick with questions about your spiritual growth or questions about what could be blocking you from that growth. 

  7. Journal Daily. Keep a journal and only write in it about one topic. For these purposes, consider it your “daily musings of the divine,” ( i.e. don’t keep your monthly budget or your dental records in it). Before you take it out to write in it, say a short incantation or prayer. Something as simple as, “I am surrounded by the light of all that is. I yearn to feel its presence in my life and reveal itself through my writings.” Take note of any energetic shifts in the home or any inexplicable occurrences. Journaling here can be part of your ritual with channeling as well. I suggest you write 10 things you are grateful for every day. Even if you have to repeat the same 10 things every day, it still counts.

  8. Live, Breathe and Practice: Compassion and Gratitude. The first spiritual experience I had came quite unexpectedly. I set the intention to be grateful and stop complaining. It is still a challenge for me not to complain, but I make a conscious effort to try. I challenge each of you, to set the intention to get through the day, or maybe the hour, without complaining. Instead of complaining that the woman you are waiting for to cross the street is taking too long, instead see her through the lens of compassion. Perhaps she has arthritis and cannot move with agility, or perhaps she is suffering from a bout of depression due to the fact she is grieving the loss of her spouse, friend, child or pet. Have compassion for other’s hardships the way you would want someone to have compassion for yours.

The following suggestions come to us by Janelle Christa, an Intuitive Healer, Channeler & Medium from Santa Barbara, CA.

  • Connect With Your Child Self. One of most powerful super guides we have access to is our child self.  They are deeply connected to the divine naturally and without trying. They are completely aware of all the world’s magic and the imagination realm, i.e. the mind of God. Now I am not talking about the psychological “inner child” but rather a more expanded view; the living, breathing, and beautiful child that lives outside of time/space that you once “were” and therefore still “am.” This child self is a pathway and portal toward the multidimensional divine being that you ARE. You may need to go way back to access this being; before they were wounded or taught society’s limits. When you do meet with your child self and build a relationship with this being, you will discover the fastest, most creative, surprising, and innocent (yet still very deeply rich) way of connecting with the divine. This magnificent being who is here to guide you, loves you unconditionally, and has an imagination that will soar you through the Heavens while still staying connected to Earth. He or she sees you as you truly are. You are their future, hopes and dreams. Simply set the intention to connect and accept the invitation into their world.

  •  Connect With Your BodyYour body truly is your temple. Your body is made up of the divine. It is the fabric of the physical realm and the space between. It is gifted with magic and miracles awaiting your discovery. By connecting with your body through close examination of your senses, by slowing down, and receiving breath, you are connecting with the divine. Just connect enough to start listening to the vast silent intelligence of your physical being and you’ll be met with your soul. 


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