• Kathleen Phalen

11 Signs That You Could Have the Gift of Clairvoyance

Have you been told by a psychic, healer, medium or intuitive that you too have these innate gifts?  Perhaps you have been told you are an intuitive, or an empath? Or maybe they used other language and told you that you are a light worker? Perhaps you heard that you incarnated at this particular time in order to help heal; to heal the planet, the timeline, yourself and others.

 Wait...what?  What the hell dies that mean?  Wha....what?  What exactly is a seer or a clairvoyant?  How can I have these "gifts" if I don't even know what they mean, you asked yourself as you pondered and wondered what you have just been told. The ability to see without using your two eyes, seeing from the mind’s eye or the third eye, also to be called a Seer is named: Clairvoyance.

Clairvoyance doesn’t often manifest itself as a full figure apparition standing in front of you. As your abilities begin to open up, there are several signs on your path that indicates you already possess or you will possess the ability to see other realms, other spirits or what is not usually perceived by the naked eye.  As with all of our spiritual gifts, mastering these takes time , practice and lots of self -love and self -trust..

Trusting that what you see, is from spirit, is essential!  Self-love and Self-trust are the cornerstones of making this all a regular practice to build and strengthen your gift.  I used to see colors during guided meditations or energy healings.  I wish somebody would have told me then, that even colors were important symbols and guideposts along the way that they all had meaning. Looking back, seeing those colors acted as the announcement, that I would one day become clairvoyant.

It was a lonely road waking up without having a trusted friend, a fellow empath or teacher to explain this all to me. If you are new on your awakening journey, and you are experiencing any of these below symptoms, I encourage and support you. There must be one friend you have where there is no need to censor yourself, where you, can be you, without fear of judgment or shame. For it is through vulnerability where we find our true selves; and being in alignment with our true selves is like having all of the doors to the Universe open for us-all at once- and be given all that we wish for. So make peace with your gifts and make peace with the changes that are happening all around you.

Here are some signs your clairvoyance is trying to get through.

  • You’ve seen shadows out of the corners of your eyes.

  • You’ve seen movement past doorways and hallways

  • You can see colored light or images when you close your eyes, especially during meditation.

  • You can remember your dreams and you have a rich and active dream life.

  • Your dreams are vivid and similar to real life, often prophetic

  • You’ve seen waves of thicker air in darker rooms.

  • You Often Notice Little Lights or Orbs and smoke in Photographs or Videos.

  • You have seen Wisps of smoke, figures or apparitions in your waking life.

  • You’ve had loved ones come in sleep and visit with you.

  • You can imagine what a Spirit, Guide or Angel might look like, if you had to give them an appearance, in your mind’s eye

  • You’ve seen flashes, sparkles or strange bubble-like flashes of light, possibly since childhood.


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