• Kathleen Phalen

7 Common Health Complaints by Empaths

As an Empath or a Highly Sensitive Person(HSP), you act like a big, absorbent sponge.  Unless you know how to ground or neutralize your own energy, you will be taking in energy from your environment; energy that doesn’t belong to you, but ends up clouding you and possibly making you ill.

Unless you intentionally protect yourself, you could be downloading the energy in thought form from others in the hidden energy field where thoughts go to circulate. Without protection, you will be a sponge and absorb these stimuli in the way of thought energy, leaving you very vulnerable.

The main concerns I hear from Empaths are:

  •  Most are unaware they are Empaths and are clueless to these budding superpowers or

  • They have a pretty good idea they are Empaths but haven’t been taught how to shut down, tune out and protect themselves.

Depending on your emotional (or energetic) state, you can be tapping into different streams of consciousness at any given time. And unless you are actively focusing on simultaneously releasing this energy, this could have adverse effects on your physical well-being.

After discovering your divinely given gifts as an Empath, my wish is that most of you experience it as a massive wave of relief (you weren’t crazy after all. Quite the opposite, you are gifted), but having these gifts as a sensitive means we're more prone to ailments, illnesses, and other symptoms that if left unchecked, could be chronic.

Below are the 7 major health concerns that I hear from my clients and what you can do to help yourself get better immediately and prevent their long-term effects.

Burn Out or Exhaustion

Concern: Exhaustion by the drainage of your energy from your etheric field, where almost all of your power is being pulled on and taken from you.

Empaths feel most alive or most in their element when helping others. As we help others, we lose our precious energy reserves, by giving it away or by others taking it. Common emotions that I get from my clients include: feeling drained, feeling depleted, or feeling numb.

Solution: Call back your energy by saying and imagining: “I now call back my energy from each person and each place I encountered today, last week, last month; cleansed by Divine light. With gratitude, I ask my guides/unseen friends/angels to assist me”. Then imagine you have a vacuum chord coming out of your solar plexus chakra, and you are sucking your energy back to you in that vacuum chord.  Feel the little sparks of energy and the increase in vitality, no matter how small. Start saying no to every invitation and every request for the next 7-14 days. I was directed to do this by a healer I was working with, I felt so good after 7 days I kept it up for almost 30! Resting or going to bed with the backlog of books you have been wanting to read is excellent for immediate relief as well as prevention.

Bonus Prevention: Call back your energy after each client or person you come into contact with. Do it once more before bed. Start working with an energy healer in your area or remotely. I have more clients that live out of town than I do in my area. Just as much can be accomplished over the phone as in person. Continue saying no and resting. Pay particular attention to your adrenal glands. If you are exhausted at work all day, but then get home and are still unbalanced, you should take a look at your adrenal gland functions. Baths in Epsom salt and Magnesium for replenishment with some healing essential oils would work wonders for you. 

A Constant Cough that Feels Like Allergies

Concern: Have people offering their two cents on how you should be living your life? Have a partner, family member, business associate/boss stifling your ability to express yourself? Were you communicating regularly with your guides, but now you’ve fallen behind on that thanks to “time constraints?” If so, it’s possible something/someone has unintentionally placed chords into your throat chakra, causing a cough.

Immediate Relief: Make yourself some tea with honey, or a honey/lemon syrup to soothe the throat. Now close your eyes, and ask your intuition who is it in your life that has a claim in what you say? Is it possible it’s a guide who has a message to deliver? Again, once you get settled and ask your intuition it will tell you who it is. Whomever it turns out to be, there will need to be some boundaries set for it to take away the chronic coughing.

Future Prevention: Always speak your own truth. Do not censor yourself for anyone. If you have family or friends trying to influence you, create distance and buy yourself some temporary time away from them. Also, be careful you aren’t getting in the habit of telling people what they want to hear. This cough could also just be your guides or unseen friends wanting to make a connection with you.  Meditating and then doing some writing through the process of Ask | Listen | Write will help you to get clear on this.

Stress Headaches or Full-Blown Migraines

Concern: Empaths and headaches seem to go together like PB & J. We absorb a lot of energy like a pressure cooker collects steam.  This often occurs from getting tons of “downloads” very quickly. You know the saying, “the truth hurts?” Indeed, it can hurt you if you are not using self-care measures to integrate and assimilate these new energies.

Immediate Solution: Get in bed with curtains drawn, no electronics or other stimuli. Drink plenty of water. Water helps us release energy, as it will carry it out of your body through the digestive tract. And this is what you need to be doing right now; releasing the energetic pressure. With your right hand feel for a tender spot on your left hand in the webbing between your thumb and forefinger. When you find the place that is tender, keep pushing on it until it begins to feel better. Acupressure works very well on Empaths. 

Bonus Prevention: Rest with some good books that are not of the educational variety. Take a break from being an Empath for the day. Go back to a time when you were a kid when you didn’t judge yourself or your gifts harshly.  Draw with your non-dominate hand and get in touch with your child self. Ask her what’s causing your headaches and other ailments, often times she’ll know better than you.

Upset Stomach

Concern: This happens when we are acting as sponges and picking up on lower vibrational energies like fear, doom, or worry. If someone who surrounds you is worried about something and you get suddenly sick, that’s a pretty good indication you’ve absorbed their worry energy.

Immediate Solution:  Drink warm water, honey, and lemon, as this will calm down your stomach. Once you get relief, ask your guides or higher self where you are getting this from and do a cord cutting or clearing on yourself.

Bonus Prevention: Constantly be aware of who you are working with and who you are helping. Until you learn daily grounding, clearing and protective exercises, you may continue to get stomach aches.  Once it passes, evaluate the situation and cut your cords. Below I touch more upon digestive problems.

Blood Sugar Issues & Digestive Issues

Concern: Empaths tend to be sensitive to foods at best and have full-blown food allergies at worst. This leaves them open to blood sugar issues and/or digestive problems or disorders.

One year I had the “24-48-hour stomach flu” at least ten, if not more, times. How is that even possible you must be thinking? I joked, there could be a thousand viruses on a doorknob, and I will undoubtedly pick up the virus that is titled, "stomach flu".

But what if it was from being psychically attacked and not the stomach flu at all?

I have my own stories and the stories of my clients to guide me in my theories on this matter: we all have the same internal energy centers, and there is one which houses our personal power.  It is our solar plexus chakra.  When someone is psychically attacking us with jealousy, anger, fear, loathing or their own trauma or shortcomings, we feel it in the solar plexus region, which lies in between our stomach and our small intestine.

Being psychically attacked is no different than being energetically attacked with negative emotions or thoughts. Remember, we are like sponges always taking in the energy around us. Chances are, the people doing this don’t know it’s happening. Just know, that without direct knowledge about how this works, or without being educated on how to release this abundance of energy that does not belong to us, we are at risk.

Solution: For blood sugar to be regulated, cut out all artificial sugars and processed foods. I use a supplement called Moringa. I am not a doctor, and I cannot give medical advice, but this comes highly recommended as something that can return your blood sugar back to normal.

Bonus Prevention- Get your blood tested for multiple panels of foods and additives, specifically for food allergies or sensitivities. Just because you don’t have a full-blown allergy to something, doesn’t mean you won’t be sensitive to it. Sensitivity to certain foods can cause blood sugar problems or digestive problems. Many Empaths I know suffer from a gluten intolerance at worst or a wheat sensitivity at best. Take control of your body and  find out what foods can be hurting you. We are all different in this sense and eating healthy; no sugars and no processed food, it keeps your vibration stronger and higher. You will be protecting yourself against any and all of the above. Furthermore, once your body is in sync with only food acting as medicine instead of poison, you will be more precise and more direct with your communications with your guides and spirit team. Something that should be a goal for most empaths to help them live their own truth.

Sleeplessness/Poor Sleep

Concern: Poor Sleep or not being able to fall or stay asleep is often caused by sponging up someone else’s fear or worry. It’s also possible that you have too much energy in your etheric body.

This happens to me if I have been blending with my guides. Their energy becomes my energy, and because they are on such a higher vibrational field, naturally their power leaves me feeling as if I have had some stimulant of some otherworldly kind.  Note, your sleep cycle is the perfect time for the spirit realm to deliver messages to you, this could add more energy to your etheric field.

Immediate Solution:  Ask your guides to help you sleep and to close the gates at night (so to speak) You can even visualize the gate on top of your crown chakra closing, so you are not getting downloads and transmissions from the spirit realm at all hours of the night. Drink or take some magnesium supplements. Remember, these types of things work well on Empaths. During the day, release any excess energy by hiking, biking, walking or running.

Bonus Prevention: Make time daily to sit with your spirit team and “talk” to them.  Take notes on anything they have said, they really come up with some great advice. You will know it's your team/your guides talking if they speak to you in metaphors. Remind them during the day that you are closed after 7 pm, you are not Las Vegas, and you are not open 24/7.

Substance Use Disorder

Concern: I was a Substance Use Disorder Counselor and Social Worker for 11 years.  I have seen well over a thousand clients in that time frame. Science is still on their version of cutting-edge research, asserting that it is childhood trauma and genetics that cause addiction.

I would say the trauma is correct, and genetics is not. See any book or video by Dr. Bruce Lipton, a Stanford Researcher, and Biologist, who will tell us, our brains react to our environment, and the genetic argument falls moot.

I will go out on a limb and say this: Trauma is experienced by almost everyone on the planet. If you are a human being, it’s highly likely you have suffered some type of trauma.  Granted, there is a continuum of trauma severity and not all are created equal. So what causes addiction if trauma alone isn’t enough? I have witnessed that trauma + High Sensitivity is the perfect storm to cause addiction.

Furthermore, not understanding your Highly Sensitive Status in Sobriety puts you at high risk for relapse. There is a tremendous amount of self-care that goes into both sobriety and being an Empath.  Education early in the sobriety stage is needed to guard against relapse.

There is no quick fix, unfortunately.   If you feel that you may have a substance use disorder you can call a 12-step hotline in your area. If you have tried 12 steps and they don’t work for you, please email me at moonandspade@gmail.com  I will try to set you in the right direction for a body-mind-spirit approach to recovery.


An awesome gift of being an Empath is that we respond very well to alternative, herbal, or homeopathic treatments. There are some herbal medicines we can even make ourselves. If you do try some of the recipes, please always try to get organic ingredients. As you guessed it, we are allergic to many of the preservatives, pesticides and other artificial ingredients in our ever-expanding toxic world. Make educated decisions on the food, herbs and elixirs you are using


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