• Kathleen Phalen

December 7 or 8th- A New Moon for a New Paradigm

Finally! A New Moon Worth Writing About

As you have heard me say before, New Moons are a time to plant seeds. These seeds become little shoots. These shoots are bursting out with enthusiasm, optimism and high hopes (spoiler alert: much like this new moon energy).

At the new moon, the moon and the sun align. The moon syncs it’s energy with the sun. The sun transits through 12 Astrological signs a year and changes about every 30 days or so. At each new sign, the sun infuses the new moon with the energy of that month’s new astrological sign. This particular month is the season of Sagittarius.

New Moons are the opportunity for a fresh start. We get a clean slate every month, much like a cosmic reboot. When the moon and the sun align at the new moon, it is a delicate balance of masculine and feminine energies. It id the alchemical marriage of the sun and the moon, the masculine and the feminine.

Jupiter rules Sag and Jupiter is the planet of abundance, optimism, high hopes, adventure, foreign travel, higher education, truth-seeking, philosophy and spirituality (not as Spiritual as Pisces but a nice start). Jupiter makes everything bigger and larger than life. Have you ever seen a picture of Jupiter in comparison to earth?  Holy Moley is he BIG and larger than life.

As we inch closer to the new year, we are going to have these positive, optimistic tailwinds pushing us into 2019 with adventure, confidence, abundance, synchronicity and the grander, bigger, larger than life optimism.

Perhaps you experienced a shift of optimism, grandeur, or adventure and confidence back on November 8thof this year. This is when Jupiter the ruler of Sag, moved into his own sign. This is like getting a double dose of this energy. Think about it; doesn’t the energy feel lighter and more buoyant than last year at this time?

Supporting this new moon is a grand trine with the North Node of the Moon, Chiron the wounded healer and Retrograde Mercury. This means we are going to communicate (Mercury) about our wounds (Chiron) from the Past and about security, emotional connection, the past (the sign of Cancer) and stepping out of the Patriarchy and into a brand new world (North Node in Cancer) that is birthing itself with our help as I type this.

Don’t feel left out of the birth announcements, this birthing process is ongoing. The initial start date of the Age of Aquarius is probably not until January of 2020. This is when Pluto, Saturn, & Jupiter three old school Gods, are conjunct in Capricorn. It’s all about a new start in the sign of Capricorn which indicates all of our old structures, Governments, Corporations, monetary systems, the old guard Patriarchy are all coming down in order to be replaced with a new system. The last time it happened was in 1284 A. D.

To all of my kindred spirits who hate change; you have been warned. Change and evolution of our soul is why we are here. It is partially if not completely the reason you are on this planet, in your body at this time, to help birth a new age. So have no fear and step up your game. If you have a Corporate job you may want to think about going into business for yourself.

Back to the new moon.  It’s time to think about what intentions you will set. But don’t actually write them out on paper until after the new moon. You need that energy to be completely shifted.  Do your best to use the 8 hour period after the new moon.  It happens at December 6, at 11:20 PM Pacific Time and on December 7, at 2:20 AM on the East coast. If you go to bed after the witching hour or if you wake up early, you will still be able to meet that 8-hour deadline.

Set your intentions on anything you want but it is auspicious for all things Sag. Travel, higher education, being larger than life, the quest for truth, prayer and higher guidance, frankness and honesty, direct communication, intuition and peace of mind.

Word your intentions like this: I want to easily (or gently or in a happy way)find myself trusting my intuition.  Or I want my intuition to become keener or more accurate.

I was taught to do no more than 10 at a time. You may keep repeating them until you have manifested this into action.  Be well!


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