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Do You Use More Than the Usual 5 Senses?

 It’s no secret that we have more than the traditional 5 senses: sight, smell, touch, hearing, taste. Most of us take our sight and our hearing for granted, because it’s always been with us. However, the aforementioned senses are old paradigm as more and more people are waking up to their spiritual gifts.

Our “clairs” are your senses you didn’t learn about in elementary school. They make up the majority of our extra senses or psychic abilities, that were previously considered weird, impossible, immoral or even evil to use. The clairs that make up a big chunk of your psychic gifts are; Clairvoyance which means clear seeing, Clairaudience is clear hearing, Clairsentience is clear feeling, and Claircognizance is clear knowing.

Most people have heard the term clairvoyant, a word which describes someone who is psychic, and uses their mind’s eye to see or to have a strong visual sense of a situation. It manifests as a vision or a movie playing from a projector onto the screen. Clairvoyance is a way to go deep within our souls, and illuminate the universe, through visions and images. 

Being clairvoyant has become an umbrella term that has been assigned to intuitives or psychic mediums, divination experts, such as tarot card readers, or even animal communicators. They describe their gift of receiving and translating messages from the spirit realm. However, it’s possible that none of them even receive messages by way of clairvoyance.  Instead, they may use their psychic gift of clairvoyance or clairgnosis.    

What is ClairCognizance or ClairGnosis?

Claircognizance or clairgnosis is how 40-50% of empaths or intuitives receive their downloads from spirit. It involves receiving information directly into your brain via a lightning flash or a light bulb that appears to just infuse your mind with missing knowledge.

 As an intuitive and medium, I receive about 65% of my transmissions this way. I can remember as a kid blurting out answers to my parents regarding things I had no previous knowledge about, on things that seemed way “too adult” for me to know. One such instance was helping to find the way to our hotel in Paris when we had no map on us and none of us spoke French...this was well before Google maps or Waze was around.

I was once watching my parents play Trivial Pursuit, and somehow knew the answers to 2 or 3 questions that were definitely not a part of my vernacular as a kid. I was asked, “how did you know that?” I would always respond with the usual, “I don’t know, I just did.” I never really thought much more about it, but the truth is I was as surprised as they were that I got the “right” answer.

I think my parents thought I was some type of genius. Being claircognizant means information appears in your head out of nowhere and you somehow receive the information you need at that moment.  It seems to only last for a brief period and just as quickly as it comes, it goes. Don’t expect to remember it if you don’t record it or write it down because it is often lost forever.

 A good majority of my clients have clairgnosis, and most of them feel it as if it’s a form of attention deficit. When you are given messages from a deceased person, or information from spirit at lightning-like speed, you begin to rely in these brief moments of genius.

Retaining this genius is another story all together. As it came in quickly, it can go out even faster and be lost to the ethers forever. If we don’t interrupt the conversation and blurt out what we have to communicate, it can cause the person who was talking to forget what he/she was saying. It is especially noticeable in a group setting. You may find you have a hard time finishing a sentence before being interrupted.

Once a person who is claircognizant asks a question, it is usually answered the same way, in your mind. This approach takes telepathy to an inspiring new level.                                                                

It can be especially helpful to do what I call, “Ask | Listen | Write.” I get into a meditative state and I ask my guidance a question. I wait sometimes 5 minutes, and then I start writing, and usually the answers will be revealed in my script at the time. However, sometimes the answers will come to me later while driving or making dinner.

Does Being Claircognizant Inspire Self-Trust?

Clargnostics are often filed with self-doubt and have a hard time trusting that what is given to them, is not just your own mind at work, and it’s easy to feel doubtful that it wasn’t a thought stemming from your own brain. It can take some work to ascertain the subtle difference of how messages, thoughts, ideas, or information is transmitted from spirit to your mind making the whole process seem daunting.

Most people have no idea this is a valid and common way of receiving information from the spirit realm, let alone feel they have Claircognizance. Unless friends or family have made a big deal about your abilities, it’s doubtful you suspect you have it.  Since you are reading this, the chances are good either you or someone close to you uses their clairgnosis.

If you do suspect you are receiving information via your clear knowing, do you speak up when you do receive downloads? It’s possible another factor is causing you to dismiss these flashes of insight. How quickly these insights can be forgotten if they are not written down. This is especially annoying when brainstorming or embarking on creative projects for school or work, because you know you just got a flash of genius, but as quickly as it came, it left, all to be forgotten.

Signs You Could Have the Gift of ClearKnowing

  1. You are confident about your intelligence and have rarely felt as if you were stupid or intellectually inept. You may have self-doubt in other areas, but intelligence is not one of them.

  2. You are quick-witted and funny, and humor is a quality you admire. Furthermore, Claircognizants are well-read and enjoy reading, and they often teach themselves new skills directly out of books. Many can excel at writing, they can be authors, bloggers, songwriters or just take the family holiday newsletter to a whole new level year after year.

  3. You will find them employed as intuitive mediums, channelers, animal communicators, healers, inventors, philosophers or of course writers. They tend to be open minded and fluid in their thinking without getting stuck on dogma.

  4. You have the original busy-brain, and without a meditation practice, your mind is constantly going. You are often deep in thought; you like to think. You can keep yourself entertained by having an intense thinking session and dissecting an issue with your mind.

  5. You, your friends and family may think you have ADD because you interrupt and blurt out responses, ideas, or answers the instant you receive the download. The real reason why you do this is that you know from experience, if you don’t share it or get it out, you will forget it and it will be gone forever.

  6. You know things, you don’t know how you know, but you know. You have a deep inner knowing without the need for “being right” or proving you are right, because you are always spot on, yet you are the first to doubt yourself. Your friends tend to rely on you and ask you, “so what do you think about this?”

  7. You have an inner BS detector and just know when someone is lying or misrepresenting themselves in some way. You may not trust what you get at first, but when your friend breaks up with someone because they were too controlling, you already knew that was going to happen and you already knew the ex was a control freak.

  8. You will get inspiration out of the blue, or an answer will come out of nowhere to a question you asked in your mind. For example, the question you pose could be “why did Bernard say he was going to the office BBQ but stay home instead?”

  9. When you get a gut feeling, the gut is our second brain after all, it is always right. Therefore, you always know how things are going to turn out.

  10. What you read is strongly resonating with you and light bulbs are going off in your mind.

The more you accept your innate abilities, the more sensitive and in tune you get with them. Be grateful for your gifts, and learn how to make the most out of them!

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