• Kathleen Phalen

5 Easy Tools for Empaths

Let’s face it; being an Empath can be downright exhausting. As if it weren’t enough that we act as the human emotional (baro)meter to friends/family and strangers alike, we also get downloads about people places or events.

         Downloads are psychic transmissions that are delivered to us in one of many ways but usually by one of the “four Clair’s”; they are clairvoyance (clear seeing) clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling) or clairgnosis( clear knowing).

        Being aligned with the pulse and the rhythm of the universal intelligence, spirit, source, the oneness of all that is, is an awe-inspiring wonder but it can be draining causing burnout, exhaustion or even depression. Here is how to turn it off, and back on when you need it. Having this in your tool bag is also helpful when family and friends call you to use you, or your intuition, to answer their questions and give them advice. Now you can just say, “I am sorry, I am closed for the day/night/week/or until you receive an energy exchange from them.

Depending on how often you work with your spiritual gifts, you may want to take evenings off, or weekends, you may just want to go one day with the “Sorry We Are Closed” (to psychic transmissions) sign displayed on your forehead. There is no reason why being psychic-intuitive means being controlled through means of energy overwhelm and emotional over-stimuli.

        What’s worse is when we feel overtaxed, we feel drained and depleted. We continue to give (our generosity is one of our many super-powers), yet we have nothing to give other than our exhaustion or disillusionment, and if we do not implement a self-care plan.

Begin a habit of self-care rituals that includes shutting down, closing, or otherwise disconnecting your energy centers, so they are not open to receiving transmissions. You could even state that as an intention. Sit in a comfortable place where you feel secure and where you won’t be disturbed. Start by taking 5-6 slow, long, deep breathes filling your belly with air then releasing it all. If you have already developed a relationship with your unseen friends, spiritual guidance team, then ask them to close all of your energy centers down only to be reopened when you ask them for it.

If you do not have this type of clear, reciprocal relationship with your unseen friends/guides/spirit team, then go into a meditation state and set intentions by asking for help from guidance.

Learning some self-care tools that can help you manage your transmissions will serve you well. It will help you to conserve and control your energy levels and your energetic input especially foreign energy.

            If incoming messages aren’t controlled or slowed down, it can cause your internal energy system, your chakra system, to drain like your iPhone battery does when you have apps running.

         Below are five ways to gain control over the transmissions you receive that could be leaving you exhausted and depleted. It’s time to display your “closed for remodeling” sign up to the Universe.

Ask for help.

If you are not sure if sudden emotions are yours that perhaps you are picking up it up from somebody next to you, ask your higher self: are these emotions of anger and depression mine? Usually just asking helps it clear from me. I teach my daughter, who is extremely sensitive and brings home emotions from school. If you are comfortable ask your guides directly, then ask them to remove it if you aren’t comfortable doing this use a pendulum or cards.

Open, Clear and Calibrate Your Chakras

Learn to open, cleanse and calibrate your chakras by using luminous, healing, shiny and sparkly white light coming from the crown chakra all the way down through your feet to the ball of energy in the center of the earth, then pulling up the loving, nurturing energy from the core, our loving mother earth.

Let each chakra exchange energy with the next, communicating with each other by transmitting energy. Learn which colors are associated with each chakra and dose each one with its signature color while setting the intention to calibrate them.

The clearer that your chakras are, the stronger your intuition and clairs are going to be. The same is true for cleansing and clearing the aura.

Log off and then log back on-

Being on and open to your intuitive guidance through your Clair systems via your energy centers, can be draining. Being bombarded by intense and high vibrational energy 24/7 is part of what causes that anxiety that so many Empaths complain about and suffer with on a day to day basis.

When you are logged off, it’s akin to the “sleep” feature on your computer. It conserves your energy when you are logged off. When your energy is being conserved the anxiety won’t shoot through your system as readily. It helps to strengthen your boundaries thus keeping your aura protected.

Logging on is as simple as imagining plugging yourself into the Universe’s circuit system and setting the intention of logging on and logging off? It’s simply unplugging from the Universal circuitry and thinking or saying logging off and noticing the energy clearing out of you.

Neutralize It

As Empaths we are often taught to shield, protect, or hide from an onslaught of uninvited energy. And we have taken some heat for it. Namely, the argument is “you can’t get through this world living in a bubble; you have to be able to get out in the world. So instead of giving you protective or hideout tools, I will tell you how to neutralize energy when it’s incoming.

By using the violet light. Imagine about a foot out from your aura is a beautiful, luminous, bright violet light. The beauty of this light is it can be on at all hours, but nobody else can see it. When you are in a crowd, or you find yourself surrounded by negativity, imagine this bright light as incoming energies just get sucked up into them. Not only do they get sucked up they completely lose their power, but they also become neutralized before even reaching you. I will never stop doing my protective exercises though; I don’t care what people say.

Cancel it-

If the violet light doesn’t do it for you, the next thing you can do is say “cancel” when there is a forcefield full of nasty energies like unsolicited advice or “constructive criticism.” I don’t care who you are if you are giving an Empath criticism and it's constructive or otherwise, it will be heart-wrenching to hear. So as you are hearing the words come out of the person’s mouth before it lands in your energy field say “cancel.” It is a very powerful word, and you can also say it after you catch yourself being critical of yourself.

If you have used any of these tools, or if you have your own ones you use, please share with us in the comments below.


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