• Kathleen Phalen

Five Things You Can Do to Raise Your Vibration Right Now

What frequency are you vibrating on?

As Highly Sensitive or Intuitive/Empaths, the chances of us absorbing other people’s negativity on any given day is pretty high. Since I was a kid, I was like a sponge. I would walk into a room and feel the vibe, without being spoken to, I knew how everyone was feeling. In 2011 I received an energy healing and the flood gates of intuition and clairsentience opened wide. While I was walking through the mall, I could feel every passer-by’s feelings. And ya know what? Just about everyone was miserable! It was horrible and I did not see it as a gift, it felt like a horrible curse! I know many of you can relate to this as many “awakenings” begin this way. I needed relief and I needed it fast! I needed to find a way to elevate my mood, and although I didn’t know it at the time I needed to raise my vibration.

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The more positive one’s thoughts, the higher one’s vibration. Like attracts like. Positive thoughts attract positive people, places and things. Negative thoughts attract the negative. Just catching one headline story on cable news, of the doom and gloom that “journalists” are so proficient at creating and you will be convinced the world is a horrible, inhabitable and frightening place. Once convinced to the point of thinking about these chaotic times, you will attract more evidence of such.

Nicola Tesla stated, “to understand the Universe one must think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. Everything is energy. When we raise our own vibration, we can vibrate at the frequency of the Universal Life Force, which is the frequency of unconditional love. We can attract positive things to ourselves. We have the frequency to manifest all of our heart’s desire.

Um…ok… sounds good, but how can we stay in the higher frequency when there is so much negativity barging into our lives our lives so rudely and abruptly? Battling traffic every morning just to get to work, Listening to a coworker complain about the boss or fellow coworkers, your spouse who tends to catastrophize everything and live in fear (whom consequently watches cable news non-stop) or old friends who make fun of your evolving beliefs, or your new“woo woo” outlook on life. If the rest of your tribe hasn’t woken up yet, it can be a lonely road. It could also be a calling to find your tribe of kindred spirits; your soul family.

The things we can do to raise our vibration are endless. Here are the top tips I have implemented on myself and tips I have given clients over the years. As a social worker and a certified addiction treatment counselor, I have worked with thousands of clients at their lowest, loneliest and most hopeless points in their life. These are some of the tried & true methods they have used with success.

  1. Listen to music. It has the power and the frequency to shift your mood and raise your vibration. It crosses all boundaries and is one of the most amazing vibrational tools available to us. It transcends the ego as the ego does not resist the high frequency of music. Our ego is what wants to compare ourselves to others, to show us what we lack, to tell us we are too good for this or not good enough to that. If not managed, it can be an incessant droning of self-criticism, leading us into depression. Music sidesteps the ego and does it’s job to elevate our mood and raise our vibration.

  2. Sing or dance. Not everyone will be comfortable dancing, I don’t know, let’s say at your work or while waiting in line at the grocery store, but your own home can you give you the privacy you need to move freely & without embarrassment. You can sing in the shower or in the car. It will have an immediate, uplifting effect.

  3. Laugh or smile! There truly is no better medicine. When we laugh, it releases our “feel good” chemicals in our brain and the endorphins act as pain killers, mood enhancers, and stimulate dopamine and serotonin acting as an antidepressant. One could think of laughter as a by-product of a high vibration. I was told by a Psychologist, that carrying a pencil in your mouth mimics smiling, which is said to have the same effect as laughter, but without the ab workout.

  4. Write in a gratitude journal. Start out writing down 10 things a day and slowing increase to 15 and then 20. This will help you shift your perspective. The Universal law states the more we express gratitude for a certain person or thing, the Universe gives of us more of it. Which means we will have more to feel grateful for.

  5. Read inspirational books by your favorite Spiritual authors. Check out the website for Hay House if you are new to the “spirituality world. They sign new talent and have old classics as well.

  6. Exercise! Even a brisk 20-minute walk has been proven to once again release those feel good chemicals in the brain. We, as Americans take tend to take an all or nothing approach. You don’t need an expensive gym membership, $100 yoga pants, or killer abs to reap the benefits of exercise. Also remember this: Workout to feel better, not to look better. That way, our secondary gain will be a more fit body and possible weight loss, but if the focus is on changing our mood, we will feel the results within 20-30 minutes. We will have accomplished our goal and consider ourselves winners as we walk in the door from a walk, run or workout, instead of waiting, what feels like months to see any physical results.

  7. Yoga, a form of exercise, (I have been sore for a week after some yoga classes) helps reduce stress, lowers anxiety, decreases depression, encourages body awareness and brings us closer to meeting our own divine nature. It is also a form of meditation and I highly recommend it!

  8. Meditate- this slows down your thoughts, especially the negative ones. What I like best about meditating is the feeling of euphoria I get from purified source energy entering my system. This is not a guarantee for everyone, and it took a bit of practice but it is well worth it!

  9. Spend time near people places and things that naturally hold a high frequency. This could be a spiritual teacher or healer, animals, your close friend who has awesome, healing energy because they have such a high vibration, crystals (one of my biggest addictions), nature, anytime you are spending time with something with a high frequency you are caused to entrain with that frequency.

  10. Recognize the beauty around you. Give someone a sincere and heartfelt compliment or go out of your way to do something nice. Put the shopping bags into the trunk for a senior person, or a mom trying to strap her young kids in the car, bring flowers to a neighbor, offer to cook dinner or babysit for a friend who needs help, volunteer at your local no-kill animal shelter or retirement home. The possibilities are endless but the result is always the same. Our brains are hard-wired to be of service. When we practice random acts of kindness dopamine is released, those same “feel-good chemicals” associated with exercise and laughing, give us a reward for our good deeds making up want to repeat it. I challenge you to do five random acts of kindness a week and notice an elevation in mood and vibration!


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