• Kathleen Phalen

Full Moon in Scorpio; Who is Ready for Transformation?

Full Moon in Scorpio

April 29, 2018 5:58pm PST / 8:58pm EST 9 degrees Scorpio/Taurus

Full Moons are a time of release, or to reap what you have sown during the new moon. “What types of things shall I release? And how?” You may be asking yourself. “Well”, I would say, “Scorpio things, of course!” They are as follows: Healing, Transforming, bringing to light things that deal with sex, death, taxes or other people’s money.

It also depends on which house is ruled by Scorpio in your birth chart. For example, Scorpio rules my 7thhouse- biz partners, lovers, my beloved, ex’es, relationships, open enemies. Perhaps it’s time to make up with an old friend who has become an enemy? Nah, let’s not be overly ambitious

I planted many a seed at the new moon, and much has already come to fruition. The new Moon was in Aries, therefore I needed to take advantage of that Aries drive, ambition, assertiveness and courage. I have to say I am already rather pleased with the areas in which I needed that extra bit of courage.

The Moon is exactly opposite the Sun at the time it is full, and they always occur in the sun’s opposite sign. Since the Sun has moved into Taurus, it’s opposite sign is Scorpio. Both the sun and the moon will be at 9 degrees Taurus and Scorpio, respectively.

I feel that Scorpio gets a bad rap. After all, it’s the sign of the shaman, therapist, counselor, witch, magi. It’s the sign of the healer as well as deep, transformative healing. Because of its transformative nature, always getting to the bottom of things attitude, there will be no room for shallow conversation with shallow people. Go deep and Transform, or go home should be the motto during a Scorpio Moon.

Full Moons are a time for illumination, as the subconscious, intuitive realms of the Moon reflects the sun’s light, which is consciousness, bringing awareness to that which is hidden from view. When the Moon is Full in Scorpio, Full Moon things can be especially dramatic, as the nature of Scorpio involves the hidden, darker, more taboo issues that have remained secretive for a long time. That which has lingered in the dark and feed by secrecy, fear or shame now has the opportunity to be healed in the light from this lunation.

Intentions, desires manipulations, and motivations that have been hidden and cast out in a secretive, subconscious cesspool, want to come to light This is part of the healing process. This is the transformation of self, this is the transformation of the collective.

Scorpio themes, such as betrayal, manipulation & possessiveness are in the air. As is the yearning for a deep, soul-to-soul connection. Scorpio full moons always ask us to let go of the old in order to make way for a rebirth; but only after death-a complete- and total transformation.

Other Cosmic Weather

Both Mars and Pluto (rx) are the co- rulers of Scorpio and they are conjunct in Capricorn. Reminding us that there is still the need to dismantle from the last vestiges of the patriarchy. Pluto has been known to take what he wants and be a bit possessive while at it, think kidnapping and rape of Persephone, merges with the instinctual Mars provoking urges for dominance and power and control. So power struggles are to be expected, so is feeling unimportant, or perhaps even manipulated and used.

Saturn trines the Sun and sextiles the Moon and can provide steady, deliberate, action, patience and perseverance.

How is This Lunation Similar to an Eclipse?

Does anybody feel like they have been crucified? Well, there is a term for that. It’s called a Grand Cross, this one is all in Fixed signs, and it has a tendency to amp up the energy. In fact, it has been known to blow in the winds of fate. Similar to what one might experience during an eclipse. A Grand Cross can often suggest a figure “crucified on the cross.” Each one of us should be taking responsibility for our fate and be ready to clear out any karmic baggage we may have created.

Who Feels Like Doing a Ritual?

As I said earlier, this lunation can carry the signature of an Eclipse. There can’t really be an eclipse without a ritual, can there be? Below are my generic instructions on how to create sacred space, how to preform your ritual and what to do, so invite friends, loved ones, or your tribe over and do the following:

Ritual is a way to connect to the unseen energies of the universe. It’s a chance to petition the gods/goddesses or deities to help us feel empowered.

  • If called to do so pour salt around you as a protective measure, or to announce that this is the space you will be using. Light incense or a candle! My favorite incense is copal of Dragon’s Blood but whatever you have is fine. Never ask the spirits for anything without an offering first. Let them know you are offering it to them.

  • Drink some tea/Kombucha/coffee for a little clarity.Start writing; all of your grievances, regrets, things to forgive and the things you want to be forgiven for. Let it out of you until you have emptied your vessel of all of these lowly feelings. Release, release, release. Stop carrying it around.

  • Now, make a sigil of what you want. Do you want more healing, transformation or , self love? DO you want to find your forever mate? Do you want to belong to a tribe of like minded souls? Write it into a mantra. Make it simple of elaborate, it doesn’t matter

  • If you have your astro chart look for where you have 9 degrees of Taurus or Scorpio and look to see where they fall in your houses. Use this as part of your mantra, or intention setting. Use this to help you get clear of what the universe is asking you to give up and what you need to bring in.

  • Get centered and meditate. Remember to give thanks to all that you have and all that you appreciate. Get aligned with whichever deity you are willing to call upon. You could also ask Venus for help, especially if you already have an altar to her in your home ! Ask her, to remove what you want gone , read aloud slowly and clearly, and then let it burn in the candle. Then hum the tune from that Sublime song, “Let it burn, gonna watch it burn…..”

  • After you feel those things leave your realm, release their hold on you, its time to move on to the north node which is conjunct Ceres. GO ahead and call upon Ceres the mother goddess (or whatever deity you feel connected to) and state “it is my will that_______” or you could say “I declare__________” so go ahead and say your mantra. You are relaxed and this could turn back into a quiet, contemplative meditative state if you prefer. When you are ready, get up without speaking. Nodding in thanks & gratitude to all of the corners and go take a cleansing bath or shower, remembering to not “lust for results”. It’s been asked and expect it to come to you.

  • Go take a ritual bath of shower, imagine all of the grievances and resentments going dow the drain with the bath water.

IMPORTANT TO REMEMEMBER ABOUT ECLIPSES. DO THE WORK! DO THE CLEARING. Please start it out with what changes you want to make, declare your intent for change and growth. None of us want to be stuck in the same we have been. Let’s start this new cycle new people who are willing to grow and think more of our fellow humanity.


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