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How to Make the 2020 Venus Retrograde a Success (Hint) DON’T Say, “I DO” Until You Read This

Could This Planetary Retrograde Disrupt Your Relationship?

If you are planning your wedding next year, and it is your intention to remain happily married, do yourself a favor and call it off...at least until you read this! Most couples plan the details of their wedding day; arranging everything from where the guests will be seated all the way down to flowers, food and entertainment. Yet, most couples leave out the most essential detail of all; consulting an astrologist for finding the most auspicious, beneficial date that supports long term marriage.

Astrologists can help clients find the best day to launch a new business or venture, when to advertise, when to vacation, or when to facilitate a seminar, and when the best day is to exchange vows. How many couples do you know who have lived together happily for 15 + plus years, then decide to marry, yet sadly don’t make it to the first or second anniversary before they separate?

The reason this happens is that quite possibly, their courtship occurred under very auspicious transits, so their love and devotion grew with the blessing of the cosmos. More often than not, this same couple marries and, it’s the end of their happy romance because the planetary aspects that support long term marriage did not occur the day and time they said, I do. Most likely the planetary aspects supported chaos and destruction. A prime example of a couple who cohabitated seemingly well, only to marry and abruptly call it off are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

I helped a very open-minded and wise client chose her wedding day last year and she reported back saying it was like having the universe bless every faction of their union, and it was like doors that were sealed shut, suddenly were flung open for her. She later told me she couldn’t remember a time when she felt more loved and more secure.

Which Planet is to Blame?

So which planet has the potential to make or break a marriage?  The planet of love, beauty, luxury and money, Venus.  Unlike her neighbor, Mercurywho goes retrograde and retraces his steps three times a year, Venus only goes retrograde once  every19 months for a total of six weeks (42 days). This means Venus is retrograde only 7% of the time, the least amount of any planet.

We find Mars in retrograde about 9% of the time, then our friend Mercurywins the retrograde title of, world-reigning-champion, by spending 19% of his time going backwards. A Venus retrograde is the most strongly felt of all retrograde planets. Depending on which sign she is retrograde in and where in your chart it is happening can vary from person to person and from retrograde to retrograde.

During a Venus retrograde, your love life enters a fated period, not unlike eclipse season. Giving and receiving love and affection for yourself and for others, a natural inclination to most can seem daunting. Old friends or lovers may reappear, or you may feel deja-vu or a compulsion to repeat patterns that long ago lost their usefulness to you. Many of these patterns could stem from a past life experience, where we could feel compelled to behave in outdated ways. This could be happening in order to work through karmic issues.

What does it mean if you were born with Venus in Rx?

It means that whatever lessons your soul learned in the past has been completed and you are here in this lifetime to do relationships differently. That could mean so much to so many people however, the essence is the soul is breaking away from a well-known pattern when Venus Rx is present in the birth chart.

What Else is Ruled by Venus?

As Venus also rules money, it’s traditionally thought that Venus retrograde is not an ideal time for investing or buying luxury items. Which makes sense since marriage during this retrograde is highly discouraged, or even starting a new relationship. It has been found that any new relationships begun during a Venus retrograde or any matrimonies performed seem to last only briefly. However, marrying your ex-wife or ex-husband during a Venus retrograde is said to be very auspicious and is encouraged.

Parting Words

Let me leave you with these parting words. You will not experience self-combustion by walking down the aisle during Venus Retrograde, nor will your puppy or kitty disappear into the underworld, nor will your house catch fire. It has long been said by classic astrologers to avoid marriage during this time from past observations of these Venus Rx marriages not lasting long.

With so much that threatens our peace of mind and our ability to love ourselves, let alone another person in today’s world, wouldn’t you want to give yourself the advantage and marry either before May 13, 2020 or after June 25, 2020?

I had clients who during 2018’s Venus Rx married in the judge’s chambers but kept their wedding date which occurred during a Venus Retrograde. They had a mock ceremony for their guests.  Nobody was the wiser and my client had peace of mind.

They just welcomed their baby girl and seem genuinely happy with no talk of regret, remorse or divorce. Remember this, we were meant to follow the rhythm and the cycles of our glorious cosmos and retrogrades are a time of pause and reflection.

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