• Kathleen Phalen

Marriage in 2018? Hold on Venus goes Retrograde

Greetings dear, souls. Are any of you planning on getting married this year? Or is someone whom you care about planning a wedding? If so, there may need to be a reschedule on the entire nuptials.

I was going through my new ephemeris for 2018, checking to see what the planets have in store for us this year and man, it’s a lot. Something caught my eye that I felt compelled to share with you now, so you cannot say I didn’t give you plenty of advanced warning. Unless you are remarrying an ex-spouse or renewing your vows do not plan a wedding after September 9, of 2018 until mid January 2019.

Venus will be retrograde in Scorpio starting October 5, 2018 this is NOT a good time to start a new relationship or get married. Venus goes retrograde the least out of all of the planets. A retrograde planet is one that looks as if it’s going backwards from our vantage point on Earth. So please take notice. Plan to marry before the September 9 2018 or just wait and find a good date in 2019. In classic astrology, marrying while Venus is in retrograde is certain to make for a broken heart and unhappy marriage. However, this fall will be a double whammy for Venus because she will either be retrograde of in the sign of Scorpio from Sept 9 until mid January of 2019.

 My friend is a hedge fund manager and will often call me to ask when Mercury will be retrograde. He finally confessed his interest in retrograde planets was because a client would not sign the contract while Mercury was going backwards. Mind you, in order to be a client at his firm, one needs to invest a minimum of $100,000. Many wealthy folks use astrology to strategize their business dealings and you should too.

 Still not convinced finding the most auspicious day for your nuptials is necessary? Perhaps you feel you are so in love nothing could possibly break the bond? How many couples have you known that lived together for 10, 15 even 20 years, then they get married and they don’t even make it to their 2-3-year anniversary. Chances are they met on a favorable day and then married on a day that was less than supportive for signing long-term contracts.

Spread the word, save lives and broken hearts. Venus won’t go retrograde again for another 3 years.

Research a better time to marry and you have a higher chance to get your happily ever after.


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