• Kathleen Phalen

New Moon in Pisces

Greetings dear souls, this is the last and final New Moon before the Spring Equinox.. The Spring Equinox is a power day for sure. It’s when there is the exact balance of light-or day-and darkness, or night. Wait to write your intentions until the exact time of the new moon or shortly after it occurs. 

Remember that every New Moon has it’s Cazimi period exactly one half hour before and one half hour after the exact time of the new moon. These Cazimi phases are great times, with plenty of backup for success from the Universe, to start something new.  The New Moon in Pisces will be exact at 6:12 am Pacific Time, on Saturday March 17.

Healing With the New Moon

This has the potential to be a very healing (or wounding) new moon. Why?  Because it is conjunct, or right next to or holding hands with, Chiron who is the wounded/healer planetoid. Chiron is a centaur and was considered to be the most civilized of them all.  Chiron’s placement in your natal chart will reveal where your core wounds lie: What are your insecurities? Where do you struggle to feel whole and adequate? And how can you turn these lemons into lemonade? Below is the mythology behind the half man half horse.

An immortal born to Kronos (Saturn) and Philyra, This mix occurred because Kronos was having an affair and sleeping with Philyra behind the back of his wife Rhea; when Rhea caught them, Kronos turned himself into a horse as a disguise. At that moment, Chiron was conceived. Philyra, later seeing her son after she gave birth, was so horrified that she turned herself into a tree. Chiron was raised by mentors and surrogate mothers.    

Yet Philyra seems to have over-reacted, for Chiron was not the monstrosity she feared. Chiron was the one "gentle, learned and wise member of the Centaurs". Furthermore, Chiron was "famous for his knowledge of medicine, music, [and] shooting; taught mankind the use of plants and medicinal herbs; instructed the greatest heroes of the age [including] Achilles, Aneas, Asclepius, Heracles, Jason [and] Peleus." Chiron taught not just herbalism, but medicine and surgery. Known as a healer, when he was shot he was unable to heal himself.

Usually our wounds occurred in childhood. For those of you who have not explored Chiron in your chart, I highly recommend you do so. Find where you have been wounded, do what it takes to heal, then help others facilitate their own healing around the same issue. Your choices are you will either continue to be wounded, or you will be healed, and continue to heal, through helping others heal. This Pisces New Moon would be a great time to take a Boddhisatva vow for those of you who have been contemplating doing it.

So what types of intentions should you set? Since this is a new moon in Pisces, I suggest you manifest Pisces-related-things.  Like meditation, practicing oneness with the expanded consciousness, altered states, or channeling.  Here is a brief list of Pisces related things to manifest:

  • Imagination

  • Inner Happiness

  • Trust/Mystic Awareness

  • Spiritual Healing

  • Dreams

  • Compassion

  • Releasing being a Martyr

  • Releasing Helplessness

  • Releasing Addictions

  • Releasing the Piscean Age

  • Completion of Cycles/Relationships

How to Format Intentions

“I want to find myself easily and lovingly accepting _________ without trying to fix her/him” or “I want to feel love and compassion for______     “I want to easily find myself meditating for _____minutes each day” , “I want my imagination activated, leading to new and positive views of my life”, I want deep and restful sleep” , “I want to remember all of my dreams”, “I want to consciously and consistently experience the joy of my inner well-being”  “I want to find my addiction to ________easily lifted from me and replaced with something positive for myself such as yoga, meditation, or surrendering to the divine.”


There are many more intentions and this are but a few examples of what the Pisces energy brings us. Please contact me if there are intentions you have that are not listed and that you don’t quite know how to put in words.. I will be doing some astro-magic classes and New Moon Magic Classes in May. Please email me to put yourself on the list.  Kathleen at moonandspade@gmail.com


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