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Your Sun Sign's Match for Potent Crystals

Your Sun Sign’s Most Potent Crystals

It’s no secret that the majority of Highly Sensitives and Empaths are drawn to crystals. Despite complaining about my space being too cluttered I always come home with new and more crystals. It’s as if I am addicted, ok well maybe I am...I can stop anytime. There are so many crystals out here and other than buying the ones we are attracted to, and putting them on our collection shelf, what else can we do with them? Also, is there a way to get some that are personalized to your vibrational signature?

As an astrologist, the best way I can think of pairing you with the right crystal is to go by your zodiac sign. If you are lucky enough to know your rising sign, your moon sign and any other planets, please use those too.

For example, let’s say you want to bring in more luck, more expansiveness & abundance, you have a court case coming up or you want to travel to foreign lands, or go to grad school? Well the planet that rules all those things is Jupiter. And let’s say your Jupiter is in Pisces well then please use the crystals associated with Pisces to make a manifestation grid. Or take those crystals out and meditate with them while you focus on manifesting all that is by divine right and by birth right yours for the taking.

But first, what are the most effective ways to use crystals as self- development or spiritual aid? Below I have bulleted some important healing techniques to use.

Ways to use your smaller, tumbled crystals:

  • Meditate with your stones. Relax your vibes and let it resonate with your energy

  • Lie down to meditate and place them on the energy centers of your own body. Match

the color crystal to the color associated with each chakra.

  • Carry it with you. Hold it or slip it into your pocket/purse

  • Use Feng Shui in your home to create a peaceful, sacred space

  • Create a crystal grid for manifesting, healing or protection

Now, let’s get into each sign and their corresponding crystals

Pisces-you are the Alpha and the Omega, the end and the beginning. You are the most sensitive and sponge-like sign of the zodiac. Sometimes life hurts so you tend to escape or to delude yourself. Not to mention you are compassionate, big-hearted, loving, a friend to all. You are gifted Spiritually and are a natural medium, psychic, or channeler not to mention the most spiritual sign of the zodiac. Pisces rocks! Here are your crystals:

Bloodstone | Raw Green Calcite | Amethyst| Flourite

Aquarius- Although you have been accused of being emotionally stand-off-ish, cool or aloof, it’s just because you are able to detach easily, and not get so caught up in the moment. You are definitely the odd man out as you embrace your individuality, your inner rebel or revolutionary. You are an agent of change. Often you are way ahead of your time. Your planet is Uranus and it rules astrology, Extraterrestrials, mental studies, lightning and electricity.

Black Onyx | Yellow Jasper | Amethyst | Flourite

Aries- Don’t bother telling an Aries, no, they will find a way to do it anyway. Aries hate to be told what to do. They are brave, impulsive, come on strong right outta the gate, but can end up losing momentum. That’s why they are better at initiating and/or starting projects. Their favorite word is “I” but it’s usually followed with an “I can do that”. They are known to be: Competitive, self-assured, outgoing, have fiery passion and a fiery temper, they are enthusiastic and can be aggressive. After all, their ruling planet is Mars-the God of war. Below are the crystals to help soothe the raging yang of an Aries.

Bloodstone | Carnelian | Citrine | Quartz

Taurus- They are all about learning to love themselves and what better way to show that self-love and self-appreciation then buying themselves lots of lovely things. Things that are soft, silky, smell divine, or taste even better, or are shiny and colorful like crystals. Yes, they are all about enjoying the earthly senses and are thus, very sensual. Ruled by Venus the planet of love, beauty, and luxury. Steady and dependable, your Taurus friend will always be there for you. Why not show them how special they are by buying them these crystals?

Malachite | Emerald | Rose Quartz | Tigers Eye

Gemini- They are easy to spot in a crowd, they are social and flit from one person to the next. They are learning about all types of communication, so it only seems fitting that Mercury is their ruling planet. Charming, funny, talkative, the forever student and consumer of knowledge life is never dull with them around. On the flip side, Geminis are prone to gossip and smack talking. These crystals can help to slow the chatterbox.

Black Tourmaline | Apatite | Raw Blue Calcite | Agate

Cancer- Moody, Sensitive, Vulnerable Cancer. Whose ruling planet is the Moon. The moon that changes signs every 2.5 days which explains why the first descriptive word is moody. The first water sign of the zodiac, a cardinal cross point. Cancer rules the home, nurturing, the feminine, maternal side, they are kind, patient and helpful. On their bad days, the can be clique-ish, gossipy, hypersensitive, passive-aggressive or competitive. These are their crystals:

Moonstone | Emerald | Howlite | Raw Blue Calcite

Leo- is a fire sign that is ruled by the sign. Therefore, Leos are warm, loving, affectionate, romantic, very proud parents, and good ones at that. They tend to like to be center stage and have a reputation for being all about “me, me, me, me, me, me” (sung in an operatic voice) They are learning about how to be creative and have a healthy dose of self-love without it turning into a megalomaniac. Here are their crystals:

Carnelian | Tigers Eye | Raw Pyrite chunk | Raw Orange Calcite

Virgo-Virgos might have a hard time pulling themselves away from their work to meditate with crystals. Most of them aren’t even sure crystals work or not. They can be skeptical. They can be hard working, organized, dutiful, healers and on bad days they can be critical, knit-picky, fault finding & perfectionist.

Red Jasper | Amazonite | Citrine | Jade |

Libra- You can always tell if your friend is a Libra if her house is decorated the cutest out of all of your friends. They are often great artists too. The may always seem to be in a relationship and they talk about fairness and justice. They are diplomatic, gracious, fair-minded, & social. On bad days they can be Indecisive, they avoid confrontations, will carry a grudge and may fall into self-pity. Like Aries and Cancer, they are on the cardinal cross and carry all of that cardinal energy.

Green Aventurine | Rose Quartz | Tigers Eye | Clear Quartz

Scorpio- I think that Scorpios get a lot of bad press. They have been called dark, foreboding, jealous, possessive, everything short of evil. Most of my best girlfriends have been Scorpios. They are intense and they take matters of relationship seriously. They are the sign looking for their forever mate. Whereas Libra just wants the company of another, Scorpio is looking to possess the soul of their lover. Now, it could be because I have Scorpio on my 7th house of relationships, but I think that’s perfectly understandable. They like to think they are hard to read, always remember with Scorpios; still, waters run deep.

Soldalite | Emerald | Malachite | Moonstone

Sagittarius- They are all about their freedom. Following after the intensity of Scorpio, Sags do not want to be fenced in. They like travel, higher learning and being the wise old sage about most topics. They are especially drawn to topics like Philosophy or Spirituality. They have the life of the party personality, are fun- loving and humorous. On bad days they can be self-righteous, know-it-alls-, or the tellers of tale tales. They don’t stay in one place very long. These are the crystals for this fiery group.

Smoky Quartz | Citrine | Labradorite | Sodalite

Capricorn- they are said to be serious, but some of the funniest people I know are Capricorns. It’s because a natal chart is made up of other planets in other signs. Capricorn rules law, the Senate or Senators, maturity and the law. Capricorn natives can be hard-working, industrious, reaching their goals they have set out for themselves. On bad days they can be serious, snobby, or the type that holds on to a grudge for too long.

Malachite| Labradorite | Clear Quartz | Black Tourmaline


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