• Kathleen Phalen

Seven Ways to Practice Gratitude When it's Not Thanksgiving

Practices For The Other 364 Days Of The Year

One thing that really bugs me is all of the talk about gratitude when Thanksgiving rolls around.  I understand that is the entire premise of the holiday, but come on, are we so entitled that we really only need one day of feeling thankful? Gratitude is a spiritual practice that will shift one’s perspective instantaneously.

If you are like most people I know, chances are good that you are actively seeking more wealth, prosperity and happiness to your life. One way to get more of what you need or want is to already act and feel grateful for what you have.  Even if you are living in your parent's basement due to financial setbacks, it could always be worse. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself in January, May and September too. What are you grateful for? How often do you practice gratitude? How do you practice gratitude? Practicing gratitude allows us to shift our mood and welcomes positive thoughts, which makes us happier, therefore adding to the solution and not the problem. When you feel and express gratitude for something, you honor and attract more of it. Your gratitude is contagious and has a ripple effect across the minds and hearts of those you come into contact with. 

Here are 7 ways to practice gratitude

  1. Be grateful in the present- It’s easy to awfulize our situation and get ourselves stuck in a quagmire of self-pity and despair. Or worse, we start comparing ourselves to others despite not truly knowing what their inner process is like. We tend to think, when this happens I can finally be grateful. When I get a relationship, raise or a vacation then I will practice gratitude. Get out your journal right now and write down 10 things you are feeling grateful for. If you are struggling with this, simply look around your room. It can be as simple as 1. A warm bed, because it’s getting cold out 2. My cats because they are so silly 3. My dogs because they are so loyal 4. Music because it shifts my mood 5. Ice Cream because Ice Cream! 6. My health because without I am not able to focus on things like abundance and gratitude 7. My daughter because she is such kind soul and inspires me to be a better person 8. My home-based business because I no longer have to commute an hour each way. 9. My friends because they are awesome and 10. My family and their loyalty, example and health.

  2. Open your hands and heart to receive-As an empath, it’s second nature to give. I am constantly giving my time, energy, or money to a cause, a friend, a stranger in need, my family + friends but how open am I with receiving? Not very. If your list of giving is longer than receiving than I suggest you balance it. Stop saying yes. Stop giving.  It can feel uncomfortable at first, so just remind yourself that you have given plenty and now it is coming back to you.  When we do not receive we send the message to the Universe that we don’t need anything

  3. Accept With a Gracious and Humble Heart-Say, thank you when someone compliments you, gives you a gift or buys you lunch. Don’t think of filling the void by offering to repay the favor. Think of it as your good deeds coming back to you. Allow yourself to be seen; acknowledgment and authentic praise makes a difference, raises your vibration, and releases the neural transmitter dopamine the feel-good chemical.

  4. Have faith and Trust the Process- We can pray in gratitude, from a place of fullness and wholeness, that attracts the very things we seek. This requires coming from a place of trust in already having exactly what you need, even if you cannot see or feel it, yet. When you are ready to receive, you will. Everything is available here and now. 

  5. Be Aware Make the most of every moment. Being present and mindful reminds us of the fleeting nature of life and pulls us to feel gratitude for every blessing we are given. Mindfulness teaches us to accept ourselves and all our emotions both good and “bad.”

  6. Choose silence and meditate When we meditate in silence, we are able to listen to the voice of the divine or our Higher Selves. Following our inner guidance helps us to honor our souls’ purpose in this lifetime reminding us to take stock daily, taking the time to list the things we are grateful for. Prayer is talking to the divine and meditation is listening to the divine.  Listening is an act of respect and kindness, when we listen, we act in gratitude. Which in turn magnetizes more of that which we seek to us.

  7. Get a Crystal- I have a seer stone made from rose quartz on my bedside table. I use this as my gratitude rock. I just speak into it and list everything I a grateful for. It holds a very high vibration because of all of the appreciation and thankfulness it is fed. It also serves as a visual reminder to see the world through a lens of gratitude. I hope this has inspired you to, as a friend used to say, “grateful people are happy people and those that aren’t, aren’t.”


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