• Kathleen Phalen

Saturn Stations Direct: Time to Reasses Work Goals

Saturn Stations Direct

Over the next five days from the 6th until the 10th, while the Planet of karma, limits, boundaries, goals, time and structure, Saturn finally stations direct after his 6 month retrograde.

I like to think of Saturn as the curmudgeon, irritable, self-righteous school Head Master who only cares about assignments getting turned in on time and students making it to their classrooms without smiling, laughing or having fun, and on time dammit. All the better if his teachers are using corporal punishment.

He is also known by a few aliases. In the Tarot deck he is the Devil. In Greek Mythology, he is Cronos, the powerful Titan who was known for castrating his father, Uranus with the backing of his mother, Gaia and eating his children. In all fairness, he only ate his offspring so the prophecy that they would overthrow him didn’t come to be.

Saturn started his retrograde back on April 16, 2018. Think back, do you remember what you were working on then? Use this time to redefine your goals, your career trajectory and your long-term goals. How will you make it happen? What did you hope to accomplish by 2018 year’s end? It’s not too late to write out a new plan and contemplate a new and improved course of action.

If you are in business for yourself, or if you would like to be, I suggest doing some planetary magic next Wednesday, September 12 to set and dedicate the plans you review with Saturn stationed in the next few days…. Why Wednesday? Because it’s Mercury’s day of the week….. Why Mercury when seemingly I have been discussing Saturn? Because Mercury, the winged, messenger God just went into his sign of exaltation, Virgo, yesterday.

Mercury rules communication, language, writing, reading, trade, commerce and merchants. And when I say Mercury rules communication, I am talking about your smart phone, your email, your website. All necessities for running a business in todays time’s. Why not prioritize your goals that you and Saturn sorted out, write a letter of intent and dedicate it to Mercury by reading it to him next Wednesday. Ask him for his help and guidance in the coming months. Make a humble offering of incense, herbs and an orange candle and you have just designed your very own Mercury in Virgo ritual. I plan to do this myself.

One a planet moves out of retrograde, things don’t just return to how they were before the retrograde. First, it must station. Which is a nice term for it looks as if it’s not moving from our vantage point on Earth. As Grandfather time (another alias for Saturn) appears motionless and immovable for the next 4 days, it’s said that things may feel pensive, fated, heavy and very karmic.

If you are an entrepreneur or about to launch your own business, this would be a good time, coupled with Mercury in Virgo to make an offering and dedicate your hard work to either or both of them. Although, with the moon waning, it isn’t the ideal time so get creative on banishing a bad habit or an old plan, or previous job. Better yet, banish the part of you that didn’t have follow through, dedication or perseverance.

See? There is nothing frightening, bad, or wrong about planets in retrograde. It’s all about learning the cycles of the planets, learning where they are most potent and how they can help you manifest the life you came here to live. You have the information, now go out and conquer your fears as your courageously design your most magical life.


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