• Kathleen Phalen

The Most Potent New Moon of the Year

The New Moon in Taurus occurs tomorrow May 15, 2018. Normally, a new or a full moon in Taurus is an auspicious time for things like money, finance, personal values, love or matters of the heart. Essentially that covers 90% of the reasons my clients come to me for help. This New Moon is paving the way for some big cosmic shifts and changes.

New Moon’s are always a time of new beginnings, and this is one of the most potent new beginnings we will be experiencing all year. This is not just due to the New Moon energy, but also because Uranus, the planet of change, revolution, astrology, electricity, inventions, the mad scientist, the rebel, the humanitarian and the great awakener.

During this shift of energy, it is likely that we will all experience an awakening of some kind. We may also receive new insights or exciting new opportunities may come our way.

To get an idea of what/how changes will happen, and how they may affect you personally, think back to May 2010 and then again around March 2011. What was going on in your life? It was at this time that Uranus entered Aries, and now as Uranus is preparing to leave this sign, you are likely to feel a sense of completion to whatever was occurring in your life at that time. More than likely, you already have but have you taken time to appreciate how far you have come?

While in Aries, Uranus would have been challenging you to step into a leadership position. You may have made some bold choices around this time, or there may have been significant life changes that shifted your entire course of life. Incidentally, the earthquake and tsunami in Fukashima occurred when Uranus shifted back into Aries on March 11, 2011. That always helps me put a time frame on things but may give you some insight into the geological shifts that are said to take place.

There is a saying that I like to repeat when I am feeling “behind” or feeling as if I am not doing enough, or when I compare myself to others, and feel I missed the boat on things. It is, “look at how far you have come, instead of how far you want to go.” We will never get to be where we want, because we keep upping the ante, but when you reflect back, you see your progress.

Perhaps reflect on this and see where you have stepped up in your life and where you have found more courage. Aries is about finding courage to be yourself, to initiate, and get projects started. As Uranus moves into Taurus this will be the time to examine our feelings of security and stability. Even if you hid in a basement until 2023, when Uranus shifts signs again, you won’t be able to hide from the changes that will occur. Uranus likes change and Taurus likes things to stay the same. So this is going to be a push and pull, and does not make for the most harmonious relationship.

Many astrologists are predicting major changes to the banking system, our currency, real estate, different forms of currency like bitcoin are said to take center stage. There is also predictions of new technologies, the types of which no one could dream of just a few years ago.

Whatever it is, change is inevitable. So what can you do? Surrender to it, surrender to the changes. Remember what you read here today, and know that these changes are happening to improve our current situations and its all about our evolutionary urges to grow beyond what and who we are today. Most of us don’t like change, most of us are like Taurus, we want to keep things predictable. This is your opportunity to really learn to go with the flow.

As you know, wherever Taurus is in your chart, whichever house it is in, is where you will be most affected. Mine is in my first house, so personality, my sense of self-worth, my head, how I present myself and the mask I wear will all have quite a shake up. I may need you all to remind me to surrender and go with the flow at some point too.

To set intentions for the New Moon in Taurus, remember to start writing them out anytime after 7:48 AM EST. Also, remember to set them on all the things that Taurus rules, they are as follows: self-esteem and self-worth, self-acceptance, stubbornness, possessiveness, stagnation, attachment-often to clutter and outdated things that need to be donated, money, material comforts, ownership, possessions, sensuality, physical comfort, aromas, tastes and heightened tactile enjoyment. Not to mention, persistence, thoroughness, perseverance and building a strong foundation.


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