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11 Things You Must Know About Eclipse Season; Your Ultimate Guide

Eclipses have garnered human fascination since the dawn of time. Few astrological occurrences have fascinated and intrigued humankind like the magical, fated, karmic event known as an eclipse.  Eclipses happen every year and come in pairs consisting of a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse.  The energy signature the eclipse brings is dependent upon which astrological sign it occurs in.

This guide will highlight all that you need to know about eclipses and what type of personal or soul growth you can expect from them.  As usual, the best way to understand how you will personally be affected by an eclipse is to have a copy of your birth chart handy. If you do not have a copy of your astrological birth or natal chart, you can get a free birth chart here.  In order for this to be accurate, you will need the EXACT time of your birth. If you only know it’s 3 or 4 in the afternoon, this will not be accurate. You also need your birthdate and the place you were born.

In order to get the correct time of birth, your best bet is to look on your birth certificate. If you cannot find one, perhaps your mom kept a baby book and it is written down there.  It’s worth the extra work to know which house the eclipse will fall in.  It’s worth the extra work to have an accurate birth chart period.

There are 12 houses in a natal chart and each one represents an important area of your life. The 5thhouse is creative expression, children and romance, the 7thhouse is marriage and partnerships, the 4thhouse is your early years, and home life, while the 10thhouse is career and your public self.  The 1sthouse is you, your personality and how you express yourself, while the 12thhouse is the subconscious, spirituality or all the things that are hidden from you. The exact time of your birth is crucial to determine which planets are located in each house. Venus or Mars in the 1st House operates much differently than a Venus or Mars in the 12thHouse.

Dates and Signs of Upcoming Eclipses


 January 5thin Capricorn

 January 21stin Leo

 July 2nd in Cancer

 July 16th  in Capricorn

 December 26thin Capricorn


January 10th

 June 5th

 June 21st

 July 5th

 November 30th

 December 1st

What is the Difference Between a Solar and Lunar eclipse?

Solar eclipses tend to create new opportunities, as bright, new possibilities tend to arise at the solar eclipse. They can bring news completely out of the blue and they are usually very exciting. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon stands between the sun and the earth, thus cutting off, or eclipsing the sun’s light.

Lunar eclipses tend to be more emotional, as they are reputed to bring on final endings to things like employment or relationships. A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth stands between the moon and the sun. In essence, the moon basically disappears.

The Only Eclipse Survival Guide You Will Ever Need

Life’s biggest events coincide with an eclipse. It could be a marriage, engagement, pregnancy or birth, a big promotion, the launch of a product or start of a business venture. Regardless of what occurs, it will be more than apparent that the Universe intends for you to be on an upward, or forward trajectory. It means you are walking through the threshold of a new doorway signaling the close of another.

  1. All Eclipses something must come to an end for a new venture to begin. It’s all about cutting away the old, dead-or-dying-on -the-vine-growth, so new growth or new life can occur. A door shuts, never to be reopened with an eclipse. You can never go back to an old situation because the Cosmos wants you to progress forward, never backward. Furthermore, the changes that eclipses accompany can happen either instantaneously or they could be broken down into chunks over a period of time.

  2. Eclipses happen in pairs usually and occur in a series bringing forth an energy signature with them. In 2019 the majority of eclipses happen on the Capricorn/Cancer axis. This is male/female, public life/home life, outside authority/family authority or the father/mother. The gestation period enabling the situation ushered in by the eclipse has a life cycle of about 18-24 months.

  3. Treat the eclipse period much like a Venus or Mercury retrograde, slow down, disconnect and retreat, retire early, resort to a relaxing and less frantic pace of life. Do not try to pack in too much. Get your planner out and set time aside for self-care and reflection during an eclipse. Keep an eclipse journal to really get the feel for how the eclipses are making changes in your life.

  4. It is very possible someone or something could be “eclipsed” out of your life and the circumstances will seem out of your control. This will be especially true if it’s a solar eclipse. The Sun in our chart represents a prominent male figure. Perhaps you will find that you are replacing a friend who happens to be a male colleague in an esteemed and elevated position at work.

  5. Expect an eclipse to abruptly change the direction of your life’s path if it falls within 6 degrees of your sun, moon or personal planets. The personal planets are the Moon, Venus, Mars & Mercury. An example if the eclipse falls in your 10thhouse of career and public life and you have had a struggling business you are considering walking away from you may suddenly find success and notoriety from the media to go with it.

  6. Try not to make major decisions during an eclipse gateway. Don’t decide on divorcing your spouse or signing up for grad school and taking out student loans, do not start new ventures or sign important contracts. Also, it’s not a time to give ultimatums to those close to you. So no telling the spouse the next time “this happens I will move out and file for divorce” or things of that nature.

  7. You may feel out of control emotionally. This is especially true for eclipses that are lunar full moon. Therefore, know that you may be slightly impaired in the decision-making department. Don’t agree to let your ex-boyfriend move back in with you even though he promises to get a job this time. Always try and stall and get used to saying, “I am going to have to get back to you on that.”

  8. Remember, an eclipse is neither all good nor all bad. If you feel as if you have been under the control of a merciless and punishing god, remember that there is almost always Part II. If something or someone has been sucked into the vortex and removed from your life remember that it’s most likely an upgrade.  Be patient and remain willing and childlike in your anticipation of finding out what indeed the upgrade is. Remember, the eclipse season is a heavily fated and karmic time, it is all for the growth and development of your soul.

  9. Any downloads you receive or any news that is delivered to you take note. It is possible to divert your course of action and to avoid disaster by staying alert and taking note of any messages that come to you during eclipse time.  If it isn’t clear at the moment, by the time the next pair of eclipses rolls around 6 months later it will be clear to you. Again, keep a journal of any messages or downloads so you have something to reference the next time eclipse season is imminent.

  10. Anytime an eclipse occurs in your sun sign’s element they are generally helpful and easy. I am a Pisces which is a water sign, so if an eclipse happens in Scorpio or Cancer, it will be my day. The 2019 series of eclipses are happening in Capricorn an earth sign (Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo) and Cancer (water sign Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) and Leo a fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and the air signs consist of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.

  11. To leave you on a hopeful note let me remind you, we all incarnated here to learn and grow. Our souls are here to evolve and without change, there is no growth. Evolve and grow or go, as I have heard it said. Our biology always has us striving for homeostasis.  By not remaining homeostatic our brains signal to us that we are in the survive, not thrive zone. Our brain’s job is to keep us alive, but our soul’s job is to evolve through change.    With that said, eclipses will help you do things you never imagined possible. They show us that we are capable than so much more than we give ourselves credit for. You could find yourself a published author, or you may be offered your dream job that you never even bothered applying for. As I said, eclipses open doors, even those doors that seemed bolted shut, so no need to waste too much time suffering, look for the positive outcome.

What is an Eclipse Gateway?

The eclipse gateway is a magical and fated period of time, lasting about two weeks, that happens between a pair of eclipses. A pair consists of a solar eclipse which happens at the new moon and a lunar eclipse which occurs at the full moon.  Each eclipse brings its own unique energy which merges to create a bridge between one state of consciousness and the next.

The energy of each eclipse can vary. First off, the intensity will vary depending on how exact the eclipse occurs and if it hits one of your planets at an exact degree. The energy will be different depending on which astrological signs it falls in.

There are two different kinds of eclipse gateways as well.  The difference depends on which type of eclipse occurred first.  Whether the lunar or the solar started off the pair.

The Gateway Between a Lunar and Solar Eclipse

When walking a gateway between a lunar and solar eclipse you will notice that there is a theme.  The theme is one of release, of letting go.  A Lunar eclipse has been known to drag or draw things out of you. Usually, things that no longer serve you. It is not unusual to find that your old thoughts or belief systems will be pulled to the surface to be purged.

The Lunar eclipse gateway may have you feeling a bit slow, lethargic or even drained of your lifeforce energy. This is a perfect time for you to spend time alone, in meditation and by looking inward. This is also a great time for you to get out that journal you bought yourself for New Years and block out time daily to journal.  Even if all that journal is what is called a “Brain Dump”. All you need to do is write down the things that are nagging at your consciousness. Your to-do list, your reoccurring thoughts, your resentments, or disappointments. Perhaps you just had an argument with a friend or a boss and you are ruminating over it, go ahead, write that down too.

Lunar eclipses tend to bring us endings, as in relationships, jobs, friendships, or even personal philosophies. Fear not dear soul, because as I stated previously when the Universe rips something out of your hands it is almost always replaced with an upgrade. You can feel the energy starting to shift and becoming lighter as you inch towards the solar eclipse through this gateway.

The Gateway Between the Solar and Lunar Eclipse

Just as the lunar eclipse will pull things out of your life, the solar eclipse draws things into your life. You will most likely feel a surge of energy and be full of inspiration. Just think about how the sun makes you feel, especially if it’s been hiding all winter.  The first sunny day in spring makes you feel exuberant and buoyant.

Walking the Solar gateway helps you feel as if you are completely capable of managing your life in a productive way. You will get downloads from the Universe of where you can put your dreams into action so that you can make the most of your talents and skills.  This is the gateway where things fall into your lap that seemed so far out of reach previously. So make the most of this, even if you don’t believe in yourself the eclipse does and you will feel as if you have been placed exactly where you need to be.

The beauty of this gateway is that you will have a sense that you are being supported all the way. It may feel like the universe is holding your hand and wiping away your fears or self-doubt before they have had a chance to implant themselves into your brain.

As the two weeks comes to an end and you walk through the gateway approaching the lunar eclipse it may seem as you have your plans all neatly bulleted and you are ready to follow through, yet you feel a nagging, a slight warning that you need more time for reflection or going inward. Such is the energy one encounters between eclipses.

If there is anything that will help you it is to remain optimistic throughout.  There is no need to label an eclipse all bad or all good. It is only a reflection of what you wanted, or your soul wanted, to experience in this lifetime. Go with the flow, do not get to attached to that which is seemingly being taken from you, surrender to it, and expect that things are only getting better from there on out.

Please keep your journal handy and record in it as often as possible, even if it feels mundane.  It’s possible the changes will not become known to you until 6-12 months down the road. Please write to me and share about all of the growth and changes you experienced throughout the Gateway. I am eager to hear about your experiences.

Furthermore, if you need any help reading your birth chart, or deciphering any glyphs I will be happy to help you.  I am offering eclipse and transit readings for only $65. We will take a look at your birth chart and see what the cosmos has in store for you for the next 6-12 month as well as take a look at how this eclipse season will impact you.

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