• Kathleen Phalen


Venus Magic for Love & Partnership

When is the ideal time for attracting Love into my life?

To be performed on Sept 28 or 29, 2019 any time after the new moon in Libra is exact at 11:26 am (PST) or 2:26 pm (EST). It is not advised to start this working prior to the new moon as that is a time for purging darkness, resentments and facing your shadow it is definitely not a time for love workings

Please note using the Moon’s Libra energy in addition to the Venus in Libra energy, will make this spell more potent so there is a window to complete it. Ultimately, one can do this up until Venus leaves Libra on October 8.

Please set aside about 30 minutes, a time where you can be alone and undisturbed. Remember, it’s all about utilizing the planetary energies through seizing opportunities at exactly the right time.

Traditionally, the new moon is a time to plant seeds, or wishes, that will make manifest into reality your deepest dreams and desires.  Since Venus is one of the faster moving planets, she will not stay in Libra long. She enters Libra on September 14 and makes her exit on October 8.

Performing a love spell while the moon is waning will not get the results you are looking for. That is why it is imperative to wait a minute or two after the new moon is exact before starting this, as a guide for this particular working at this particular time.

For reference, workings for increase or drawing things towards you like love, money, prosperity, success, peace are all executed while the moon is getting bigger or waxing, and spells for banishing or pushing away from you, like a habit you want to break, relationships that no longer serve you, getting rid of negativity in the work place or even weight loss are all done while the moon is getting smaller or waning.

Use all of the planetary support systems to your advantage and it will be like the Universe is giving its divine blessing to materialize your dreams. The timing of the cosmos is always perfect and will always support you if you sync your clock to it’s calendar of events.

Below is a list of needed supplies. All of them can be purchased online or your local Botanica, Magic or Metaphysical store. Remember to always shop local if you can. You could be helping them make payroll and you will tally up good karma through your good deeds which will help raise your sense of self-worth which in turn makes our magic more effective.

How does self-worth make magic more effective? Because if you don’t feel you have worth and if you feel undeserving of things on a deep subconscious level, you will block things coming into your life.  This is no different from other types of manifesting and what they don’t tell you in the popular book, The Secret Doing things like meditation, self-hypnosis, binurial beats, guided hypnosis, journal writing, rewriting and re-telling your life story or cognitive restructuring as it’s called, child-self work, or any number of ways that are effective and popular to reprogram your subconscious mind will only make your magic more potent and more effective.

But fear not, planetary magic has been practiced for eons and it’s rebirth during the Italian Renaissance suggests that one did not have to be a bio hacker to get great results.  The reason why magic has stayed popular throughout the ages is results. People partake in magic because there is something about themselves, some aspect of their lives they want to change and getting the results is the ultimate goal.

Supplies needed for your Planetary Magic invoking the energy of Venus:

  • A small piece of copper

  • A small piece of turquoise

  • Mugwort

  • A lodestone

  • Magnetic Sand

  • A green candle

  • Venus’ Glyph

  • Paper and Pen

  • A green Mojo Bag or a small green sachet with drawstrings

  • Rose Oil either essential oil or rose body oil

  • Rose petals either dried or from a fresh bouquet to place on your altar to Venus Pink would be an ideal color

  • Rose water to spray her altar

  • Space on a table or dresser for your altar for Venus

  • An altar cloth (optional) to cover your altar’s surface in colors: red, pink, green, or white. Optional offerings: jasmine, carnations, apples, pomegranate seeds, catnip

  • Orphic Hymn to Venus

  • Some pictures depicting Venus as a planet or as a human like this famous painting by Sandro Bottecelli , or any number of them from the time of the Renaissance.

Or any number of them especially from the period of the Renaissance. The birthplace of the Renaissance was in Florence, Italy so any web search using the terms Venus, Renaissance and Florence Italy should be fruitful.  

I am still fascinated by pattern Venus makes as she completes her cycle around the sun. This would make a lovely addition to your altar for Venus. I find this truly awe inspiring. It is as if Venus gave us the flower of life

The longings of the heart, whether its Romance or Finance are the two desires most coveted and most requested from professional spell casters. Venus, the planet of love, beauty, luxury, and art is the go-to in planetary magic to make manifest these things into your life.

Venus is the natural ruler of Taurus and Libra. When she is in Taurus it is the perfect time to do spells for money and prosperity. When she is in Libra, it’s all about the love baby!

Libra rules partnerships, harmony, balance, and justice. Consider Venus in Libra your planetary Velcro, drawing in or attracting your desire to you. Whether it is attracting a new love-interest, business partner, or best friend or perhaps acting as your marriage counselor that helps save a staid and lackluster, long-term relationship by saying the right thing that reignites that flame of attraction and love.

Planetary magic is all about using the cycles of the cosmos to our advantage and to manifest all the good we can during these auspicious times when the planets are in their places of rulership or exaltation.

Use the time while Venus is in Libra to your advantage to draw in a new romance or to breathe fresh, new life into the one you already have. Or perhaps you want to attract the right friends or even business partner, it’s anything to do with you, the other (s) in some form of partnership/relationship and the act of attracting it to you so it falls right in your lap.

Although, you do have to meet Venus half-way. Staying in your house and expecting your new romantic partner to knock on your door isn’t the best plan-of-action.  I have always found it’s the parties you dread going to, or the girls night out you wished you hadn’t agreed to, and begrudgingly you go is usually where the magic happens

Venus possesses the power of attraction and her expertise lies at drawing towards you love, beauty, luxury, as well as business partners and close friends. You can be sure that by being at an event, the right people at exactly the right time will come to you if you work this simple Venus magic. She won’t help you stop procrastination, timeliness or getting over your fear of public speaking so keep your intentions centered around attraction, harmonious relationships, love, beauty or luxury.

Here are some easy to follow steps to embark on your journey of planetary magic, or astro-magic.

  1. Prior to the new moon which is exact on September 28, 2019 at 11:26 am PST you can gather your supplies, your pictures of Venus and practice meditation. If you aren’t familiar with meditation, it is strongly encouraged to and will be highly beneficial for your magic to be able to get into the theta state. GO on YouTube and search for guided meditations, there will be hundreds to chose from.

  2. Remember the best time to perform this ritual is a few minutes after the new moon in Libra which is exact on Saturday September 28, 2019 at 11:26 am (PST), but before the moon goes void of course on September 29

  3. To prepare your ritual space burn some incense, sage, or Palo Santo declaring your space free from any energies that could possibly dilute your purpose or ritual.Take any materials you intend to use and cleanse them with the smoke from any of the aforementioned ways. If you have any banishing rituals you personally do, now is the time.

  4. The next step is to light your candles and incense. My preferred incense is Copal or Dragon’s Blood except when I am working with Venus. Her favorite incense is Sandalwood so keep it lit throughout the entire ritual.

  5. Get creative, get artsy and get out your paper and pen; or colored pencils, or even paints to draw the glyph for Venus. Feel free to be as ornate as you feel inspired to be.  Below is a reminder of how the Venus glyph looks. Create your glyph on the paper you selected for this working.

  6. Once you have your glyph drawn, place it in front of you and anoint the paper with the rose oil. I usually do one in the center of the circle and then one on each of the corners. Then take some slow, long, deep breathes counting in for 4, holding for 4 and exhaling for 4….do that for 4 more cycles as you picture the beauty of Venus in your minds eye. See below to get a good visual. Then imagine a sting of lights coming down from Venus into the top of your head. As this light descends towards your throat it gains clarity and momentum, it then moves towards your heart center,  then down each arm and out the palms of your hands. This energy feels nurturing, loving, beautiful and attractive. Place your hands about 6 inches above the glyph , allowing the Venetian energy to pour out of your hands and onto the paper. Then say either aloud or in your head: I call upon thee, Stunning Venus, Oh Gorgeous Queen of Heaven and ruler of the Night and the Morning Star, you who art the Goddess of love, beauty, and art, you who has the power to bring me my heart’s desire________________________ (fill in the blank with what you wish to attract to you). I ask you to empower this working with your love, beauty and grace.  Feel free to change the verbiage to your liking but remember the most important ingredients to get the results you desire is your will to make it happen, your desire for the final outcome and your belief that is has already been granted. Then take a moment to really feel the gratitude that it has happened just the way you asked it to.  In addition to feeling grateful for it, how do you feel once you have achieved your desired outcome? Do you feel happy, satisfied, relieved? Spend some time feeling those feelings.

  7. With your dressed glyph in front of you take out your lodestone and place it in the middle of the circle. Grab a few pinches of the magnetic sand and feed it to the lodestone. As you are feeding the lodestone, program it to do as you wish. Say out loud and with intention of it doing it’s job, “your task is to draw to me the yearnings of my heart. With Venus directing the energy, you are to make manifest into reality, my dream or my request of ________________” (fill in the blank space with that which you desire). When you are finished place it into the green mojo bag.

  8. Next take out the piece of copper, place it on the glyph and say to it, “you will be the conduit between my dream and reality”. Then place that into the green mojo bag.

  9. Then take the piece of turquoise and place it on the glyph. Declare that it will turn solid your dreams into manifest reality. Then place that into the green mojo bag.

  10. Take a few pinches of the mugwort out and program it to work for you by commanding it to make your dreams sprout up into their manifested state of being. Then place that into the green mojo bag.

  11. Lastly, take out the loose sandalwood incense or resin incense put a few pieces of that on your glyph and program the sandalwood by telling it to, “sweeten my dreams and infuse them with love.” Then place that into the green mojo bag.

  • Roll or fold the glyph and then place that into the green mojo bag and tie it up, tightly. According to Christopher Warnock, the author of Secrets of Planetary Magic a valuable resource for anyone interested in astro-magic now is the time to read aloud the Orphic Hymn to Venus.I will post it at the end of this post.                                                                                                                                                               

12A. Often in magic one would feed their lodestone with magnetic sand every day. Since your lodestone is busy being a magnet for your dreams and is tucked away, you will feed your mojo bag with smoke from sandalwood incense and dressing it with rose oil. Feeding it 3 times per week should be more than enough. Keep this mojo bag safe and tucked away in a drawer or special place where it will not be discovered by others.  This is a secret and is not something that should be made public but rather it is a tailisman to bring the energy of attracting (whatever you witched for) to you.

  • While feeding your mojo bag thrice weekly, program it by reminding it of it’s original purpose by stating, “You are fed from sandalwood smoke and the oil of roses which empowers you to shift my reality, making room for (your desire) to manifest into reality my dreams. This is all under the direct energy of Venus.

  • ”The final step in your magical ritual is to close the space, so feel free to bow in reverence (or nor) and say it is done, or so it is. You could also perform a banishing ritual like the one you started with. All that is needed is some acknowledgement that it is complete and that the energies are free to synthesize and do your bidding. Then go about your business, do something non-magical like a load of laundry and do not “lust for results.” When we ponder and doubt the final outcome happening, or look for evidence that will happen is considered lusting for results which is the fastest way to assure a poor outcome.

Orphic Hymn to Venus

Heav’nly Venus, illustrious, laughter-loving queen, sea-born, night-loving, of an awesome mien; Crafty, from whom necessity first came, producing, nightly, all-connecting dame: ‘Tis thine the world with harmony to join, for all things spring from thee, O pow’r divine. The triple Fates are rul’d by thy decree, and all productions yield alike to thee: Whate’er the heav’ns, encircling all contain, earth fruit-producing, and the stormy main, Thy sway confesses, and obeys thy nod, awesome attendant of the brumal God: Goddess of marriage, charming to the sight, mother of Loves, whom banquetings delight; Source of persuasion, secret, fav’ring queen, illustrious born, apparent and unseen: Spousal, lupercal, and to men inclin’d, prolific, most-desir’d, life-giving., kind: Great sceptre-bearer of the Gods, ’tis thine, mortals in necessary bands to join; And ev’ry tribe of savage monsters dire in magic chains to bind, thro’ mad desire. Come, Cyprus-born, and to my pray’r incline, whether exalted in the heav’ns you shine, Or pleas’d in Syria’s temple to preside, or o’er th’ Egyptian plains thy car to guide, Fashion’d of gold; and near its sacred flood, fertile and fam’d to fix thy blest abode; Or if rejoicing in the azure shores, near where the sea with foaming billows roars, The circling choirs of mortals, thy delight, or beauteous nymphs, with eyes cerulean bright, Pleas’d by the dusty banks renown’d of old, to drive thy rapid, two-yok’d car of gold; Or if in Cyprus with thy mother fair, where married females  praise thee ev’ry year, And beauteous virgins in the chorus join, Adonis pure to sing and thee divine; Come, all-attractive to my pray’r inclin’d, for thee, I call, with holy, reverent mind.


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