• Handmade item
  • Materials: Recycled Wood, Upcycled Wood, Tin Milagros, Metal Milagros, Medal Saints, Hinges
  • Made to order as per buyers specifications 
  • Buyer choses color, purpose, & adornment
  • Only ships within United States.


Handcrafted Altar or Shrine, made from premium long lasting recycled wood.  This portable Altar/Shrine is ideal for all types of spaces where the intention is to create a "sacred space": Your apartment, house, or business.  It can be hung on your wall, placed on a table, dresser or on the mantelpiece creating a personal sacred space for worship or veneration, intention setting, manifesting or meditation/prayer. All altars/shrines are made as specified by the buyer. You pick out the color, size, decor, and purpose. Why do you need an altar/shrine?

1) A portable altar/shrine dedicates a space, to the things that are most important to you -a God/Goddess/Saint/Spirit/Deceased love one even a beloved pet that has passed, a person, a goal, an ideal or focus in your life. What are your intentions for the year?  What do you wish to manifest?  Place pictures, symbols, amulets, statues or anything else that will remind you of your goals

2) It will bring harmony and sense of the divine to any room in your home, sacred space or meditation room; it provides a place to reflect on your personal or spiritual priorities. It fills a space with your unique, personal, creative and spiritual energy! It is a work that expresses your imagination and intuition and helps you set your intentions to co-create your reality.

Altar/Shrine, Personal Altar


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