I have studied and practiced the art (and science) of astrology for almost 30 years. Learning astrology is much like learning another language that uses symbols, stories, mythology and archetypes as its vocabulary.

Allow me to translate this language into words that you comprehend. This will resonate with your deep self and gently remind you of what you came here to do. A birth chart reading is like taking a picture of the cosmos at the exact moment you took your first breath. The energy of your unique planetary line up is then encoded and embedded into the very fiber of your being for this incarnation.

We are so much more than our sun sign.  Almost everyone knows their sun sign, but that is only a fraction of your soul's story. Each planet, asteroid or fixed star has a placement in one of the 12 signs and falls in one of your 12 houses,  indicating a different area of your life.

This listing is for a 60-minute birth chart astrology reading. All that is needed is your date of birth, the place and the exact time. Estimating the time to be, "somewhere between 8-10 in the evening" will not be sufficient. In order for me to do an accurate reading, I must have an exact time of birth which is found on most birth certificates.

Getting a reading gives you valuable insight into yourself and in most cases it helps you to be more compassionate with yourself and less judgemental and critical at the same time.

Browse other listings for different types of readings like, a 30 minute past life reading, a full birth chart reading, your planetary transits giving you insight and an idea of what to expect for the next 6 to 12 months ahead, or a solar return reading that tracks your year from birthday to birthday.

Readings are all done in Zoom or over the phone and a recording will be emailed to you. Please contact me with any questions.

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