Attraction Spray

Attract & Manifest All That You Desire or Simply Use to Feel Attractive


Wouldn't it be nice to supercharge your manifesting skills? Are you frustrated that your manifesting rituals are creating the results you expected or do you ever feel you aren't attracting good things in your life?

Wise magical women, crones, and sages have been using cinnamon in ritual to attract love, money, clients, prosperity and the like for thousands of years. Cinnamon isn't the only scent in this powerhouse spray that will satisfy your olfactory nerves. With sweet orange, and cinnamon holding the base notes there is a fusion of other intoxicating scents like rose otto, ylang-ylang, star anise, and clove.

This spray is multipurpose. Use it in a ritual to spray petition papers or candles; spray in your room or office to infuse your space with a vortex of attraction energy, or spray on yourself on your pulse points, heart chakra or solar plexus chakra. Made from an elixir of healing crystals that transmute the energy of abundance or attract positive things to you. The elixir contains citrine, tigers eye, nirvana quartz, rutilated quartz carnelian, garnet, ruby, sunstone, and rose quartz to infuse the entire content with the love that is needed -for yourself and others to make changes in your reality.

Comes in a 2-ounce, blue spray bottle that protects oils from sunlight. It's small enough to fit in your purse or place on your altar. This is unlike any other spray of it's kind.  Your Come-to-Me rituals will never be the same. If you decide to use it as a fragrance, be prepared to get more attention and feel your most confident and attractive.


Attract & Manifest Spray, Gem Elixir


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