Empath Survival Kit; Contains 2 Sprays-Energetic Boundaries, Highly Sensitive Person or Raise Your Vibration.
Our two top selling sprays available in a money saving pack. All sprays help protect, shield, empower or motivate the Highly Sensitive Persons HSP or Empath. Your Choice of sprays are:

Energetic Boundaries- The metaphysical properties that have been attributed to Black Tourmaline are: protection against negative energies and psychic attacks. It does not absorb negative energy, but instead it transmutes it into positive energy, it encourages, good luck and happiness. It is known by some in the metaphysical community to be the best protection stone one can have. This spray is ideal for empathy, intuitive, healers, therapists, massage therapists or other Highly Sensitive People who interact with multiple energies daily, as it clears oneself, one's aura, office space or home from any unwelcome and unwanted energies. This spray comes in every kit but there is a choice between the second spray. It's a choice between, Raise Your Vibration or Highly Sensitive Person.

Raise Your Vibration Spray- When you need a pick me up due to being surrounded by negativity or lower vibrations. After a day at the office with a coworker that complains, gossips or inadvertently spreads their unhappiness around, if you are Highly Sensitive or Empathic you will feel it. A few sprays on your wrists, your crown, in your home of office and you will get a quick "pick me up" Made with spring water infused with Herkimer Diamond infused water, and a blend of essential oils aimed at lifting mood, spirits and vibration! Sandalwood, Grapefruit, Sweet Orange, Rose and Ylang Ylang.  This is the anti-depressant of sprays!

Highly Sensitive Person Spray-And finally, included in this money saving kit is a calming, soothing, reviving spray called the Highly Sensitive Person. This is a great rescue spray for HSP. Helps sooth, quiet and calm an over active nervous system. The world can be overwhelming for those of us that are HSP. Highly Sensitive Child Spray can be substituted instead.

Bath Tea and Bath Soak-Floral Bath Tea- use the top layers of the bath soak that consist of rose petals, yarrow, and calendula. These particular flowers are known for their healing properties as well as skin care properties.
*Makes 3-4 Baths
* Powerful Detoxifier
*Effective Delivery of Magnesium 

The bath teas can be used separately or together with the bath soak which consists of a magical blend of Pink Himalayan Salt, Sea Salt which is proven to neutralize negative energy. For those days when you can still feel  Epsom salt which gives the body, especially an Empath much-needed magnesium, and baking soda a powerful detoxifier. This all packs a very powerful punch when one needs to change their mood, clear their energy, or transport themselves to a happier place. Practice a daily self-care ritual:  light some candles, infuse your bath water with Bath Tea and Soak, set an intention and get in the bath, hopefully, you can spend at least 15 minutes there.

The bath tea is a blend of Calendula, Rose and Yarrow. The rose alone acts as an antidepressant as it uplifts one's mood. Besides the multitude of benefits for the skin, Calendula is used to lift Seasonal Affective Disorder in the winter months, and Yarrow cleans off your aura. All three herbs go to work to change your mood and your consciousness.

                                              also included

Palo Santo Stick- a piece of wood that is native to South America the name means "holy wood." It is used to clear negative energy, purify, and recharge a space, crystal, or even your own aura. It also known as "smudging" and it is the South American version of burning White Sage or Sweet Grass. Brings positivity to a space after it has been cleared.

Black Tourmaline Crystal-   Black Tourmaline's Benefits:

•Powerful protective stone
*Grounds energies
*Transmutes negative energy into positive energy
*Enhances positive thinking
*Protects from electromagnetic frequencies from computers, cell phones etc.

                                                                                                                                                                         If you are a Highly Sensitive Empath, or if you love one, this makes an invaluable gift that will be well used and well received. Self care cannot be emphasized enough for empaths.

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