Specifications : ~

* Measures 8 x 4 inches
* Weighs Less than a Pound
* Base is 4.5 inches Deep & Perfect to Hold Candle, Incense, Crystal or Spiritual Art
* Emblazoned with The Spiritual Symbol & Protection Amulet the Hasma Hand or the Hand of Fatima
* Freestanding or Ready to Hang on Wall

Beautifully, handcrafted wood alter, meditation altar, shrine or display shelf for your sacred space, home or office. It is the perfect addition to display your ritual candles, healing crystals and stones, tarot or angel cards, holy water, gem elixirs, incense burners or to just display as a spiritual piece of art. Looks great alone, hanging on the wall or as a shelf sitter. 

I use mine as a focal point on my altar for meditation or veneration whilst using it as a shelf to hold a votive candle or incense. 

The Hasma Hand,  the Hand of Fatima, or the Five FIngers of God adorn the top with the all seeing eye milage beneath it and two arm Milagros holding them together with love and support. And who among us can get too much love & support these days?

This will be a perfect addition for your altar or spiritaul art collection, as it's versatile and has many uses. It is also a great gift for that one friend, you know the one, the one that is all woo woo and into weird spiritual sh**. They will rememebr this gift for years to come.

The wood is all repurposed and upcycled, which is part of our philosophy. We repurpose and recycle all of our wood and much of our art supplies. We love, respect and honor our planet-our Mother Earth- and we want to do our part to leave this world in better condition then it was.  We want to truly make this world a better place and you will too, if you buy sustainable, repurposed items.

Hand of Fatima Shelf, Hasma Hand Altar, Shrine, Protection Amulet


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