Raw Selenite Wand / Stick. Use to cleanse crystals, balance chakra's, cleanse the aura and more. These are raw, un-tumbled selenite wands. Selenite never has to be charged or cleansed. It is self cleansing.

How To Use Selenite :

Selenite Wands are for clearing and cleansing the Auric Field. Selenite brings clarity of mind and activates the seventh chakra, Sahasrara, which is our direct link to the Spirit. When the seventh chakra is balanced, we are able to understand our connection with the universe, we are one with the entire Divine creation. Selenite is a link to the consciousness of the Angelic kingdoms. It realizes that function by merging with our light body.

More About Selenite :

Selenite can be used to awaken or deepen our telepathic ability. Placed in the four corners of the house, Selenite helps establish perfect peace and protects against negative external influences. Some people believe that Selenite can easily reach our past and even future incarnations, retrieving deep insights about our true nature. Mental confusion can be lifted by placing a piece of Selenite on the top of the headSelenite is a multipurpose stone with a strong energetic vibration that is cleansing, purifying, protective and amplifying. It is used to target and then diffuse energy, making it excellent for healing wands. You can focus on a specific area of the body and direct healing energy straight to the area by touching the Selenite wand to the corresponding Chakra during energy work and healing sessions.

Selenite is also excellent for spiritual work. It‰۪s associated with the Crown chakra, the energy center at the crown, that is said to connect us directly to higher Divine wisdom and understanding. Use it during meditation to gain higher spiritual knowledge and awareness and assimilate that wisdom into your daily life.

High Vibrational Selenite Wands Clear Your Auric Field


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