Does you pet, actually I prefer the word family member, have behavioral issues? Are they anxious, depressed, did they spend time in a shelter, do they have some type of trauma you know about?

If it isn't emotional, perhaps your family member, has a bad hip or skin allergies and is taking medication prescribed by the vet? And the medication probably has strong side effects or else it has been met with only mild success.

 Whether it is emotional, physical, trauma based, or a current emergency situation I have helped hundreds of animals from horses, to pigs, dogs to cats to birds heal. They are easier and more rewarding to heal than humans because they aren't doubting any of the energy healing they are receiving.  They aren't worried their family will think they sound crazy for doing it, they aren't worried that is won't work, they simply embrace each moment as it comes, staying open and ready to receive.

I have often gotten validation in the first 5 minutes that my modality is working on your family member. I usually offer sessions or packages at a discounted rate.  Receiving an energy healing is much like having a psychic surgery.  One's body needs time to heal and recuperate before having another session, and therefore a series of 3-6 sessions will be recommended depending on what your animal communicates to me, the degree of their dis-ease and their age.  

I have seen animals heal after one session but more often than not it takes them about 5.

     *A single session with me is $75

     * A series of 3 sessions is $80

     * A series of 6 is $150


Please ask as I will work on a sliding scale and I do give discounts to rescue and foster animals.  They especially need it as I have seen rescue animals consistently experience the same type of trauma that can be very dehabilitating to them. These intense emotions, also driven by an irrational fear they will be returned to s a shelter (to wait on death row) causes serious anxiety, and distrust. This can shorten the life span of your beloved pet as they carry these stuffed emoations and fears around causing further dis-ease and illness.

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