Hand Polished Strawberry Quartz Tower Generator

weighs 1.3 LBS

measures 6 x 3 inches

 This particular crystal has the capacity to intensify your intents of generosity, appreciation, and love.

It may also exude these energies externally, as well as influence the environment and those around you.

Moreover, it also has the capacity to entice the person who’ll test or challenge you, as well as show where you must improve.

Sharing all of the same qualities of clear quartz, strawberry quartz may bring the elusive energy body, emotions, as well as your psyche in balance.

Strawberry quartz may help you in gaining insights in your personal motivational factors, as well as provide you the necessary inspiration on improving on it.

This is a crystal that is also influential in helping you in a quest in obtaining hidden knowledge.

This is much more beautiful in person! The camera doesn’t do it any justice.

Strawberry Quartz Tower Generator


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