Very Supportive

I was feeling stuck from the weight of the world and could sense every emotion when I entered a room. It was TOO MUCH! Kathleen's group gave me the tools to handle my own empath abilities. Very supportive and nothing short of amazing! Highly recommend!

S. Ross

Boynton Beach, FL

Experience Like Non Other

Kathleen’s empath course has changed my life. I was trying to unlock some spiritual gifts I had blocked long ago and I didn’t even know what my other gifts were. Since I have been working with Kathleen only for a few short months I have grown exponentially. All of my clairs are opening up. I’ve met a few of my spirit guides. I’ve begun channeling. I’ve seen so much and so much has been revealed. This is an experience like none other. And she is so kind and never makes me feel bad about where I’m at. And she has experienced all the things I am so it helps me to be assured that I’m not crazy that this is all part of the process. She is extremely empathic and picks up on things that are just uncanny. I absolutely recommend everyone take her course. It’s is so worth it. When I’m manifesting like crazy as a result of this course I am going to send her on a trip or something. She deserves it.

 L. Martin

Sacramento, CA

Skilled Instructor

If someone had told me a year ago I would be where I am today, I would have politely begged to differ. The pain and depression I felt were at times so overwhelming, I literally could not breathe. My connection with Kathleen was not an accident but a gift from above. Kathleen is one of the most amazing people I have ever known. Her concern and compassion start from the moment you meet her. She is a skilled instructor, counselor, intuitive, and healer. I started her class after she had literally changed my life, helping me deal with my depression and anxiety. I found myself surrounded by some of the most intelligent, amazing ladies on the planet. Lifetime bonds have formed. Kathleen skillfully guided us each week to another level. I was honored to be in the company of such gifted women. I am not sure when or how but one day I realized I was beginning to open up to a spiritual side I did not even realize I had. WOW!! I cannot say enough good things about Kathleen. IF you are a beginner, TAKE THE CLASS, breathe, meditate, learn all about your chakras, higher self and even meet your spirit guides and unseen friends, and that is just one class lol. IF you are more advanced Kathleen will help you accelerate your spiritual gifts. Her years in the field of counseling are very apparent and used along with her spiritual gifts create a class like none other. Any hesitation you have will melt away the moment she starts the class. Questions are encouraged as we all learn from one another. Take one day a week to open doors you never dreamed possible.

D. Patterson

Berryton, KS

Highly Recommend

When our sweet dog lemonade went missing I was beside myself with grief and worry. My kids couldn’t stop crying and to say we were devastated is an understatement. I contacted Kathleen and she was able to give me a location within a two block radius of where Lemonade could be found. She told me to go door to door because she said that a neighbor saw her and brought her inside for the night. She also warned that it’s highly likely they intended to keep as their own. Kathleen reassured me by letting me know lemonade was perfectly safe and content but that we needed it to be known she belongs to us. We put up fliers all around the neighborhood that night and lemonade was safely returned to us the next morning. The neighbor said she intended to keep her if nobody came forward to claim her. I am certain that the reason Lemonade was back with us so quickly was because of Kathleen’s gift and her ability to communicate with animals. We are all so grateful Lemonade made it back with her family and grateful to Kathleen as well. I highly recommend Kathleen to anyone if your pet goes missing or just to communicate with your animal.

Janelle Bottelsen

Santa Barbara, Ca

Very Rare Traits

Kathleen is truly gifted! She connected to my dog Rufus helping him express and release his fears, anxiety, anger, and depression. He’s on a path to healing. After our first session I noticed him with more energy, coming closer to me, and smiling. These are very rare traits in him so I know something shifted. I look forward to Kathleen working with him again so he can be free of this negative energy and be the fun, loving, happy dog I know he is. He’s an older guy now, so I want him to live his best life in the time he has. We are on our way!


from Los Angeles and the human of Rufus

Most Beautiful Messages

I’m so glad I decided to have a reading done by Kathleen! She gave me the most beautiful messages from 2 of my pups that crossed over last year and helped me immensely in understanding what was troubling my pup who is still with me. She also gave me many confirmations about my own abilities to connect with animals and provided much clarity about how I can continue to serve the animals who come into my life.


from Oxnard and the human to Lucky, Earl and Shadow

Best Kept Secret

Kathleen Phalen is hands down, the best kept secret when it comes to Astrology.  She is INCREDIBLE.  Kathleen was able to forecast the entire year of 2020 before any other astrologer even had it on their radar.  She can look at your chart and see things that others miss.  Kathleen is an incredible intuitive, medium, and healer, so every session leaves me feeling very “seen” and attuned to.  Once, I gave her my ex-boyfriends chart and without knowing literally one thing about him other than his birth info, she could tell me details about him that were completely astounding!! Not only that, but since she is an expert in past life astrology, she is also able to tell you your life focuses, your gifts, and the things that you are being most challenged with, and WHY.  I seriously cannot recommend her enough.  In addition to her own intuition, Kathleen also does extensive research on every chart so she makes sure it is as close to perfect as possible.  She also doesn’t charge nearly enough for her services, but her big heart wants to help as many people as possible.  Thank you Kathleen for all that you have helped me with.  Nothing less than transformative on so many levels.  You are clearly wise beyond your years, and gifted beyond this realm.  THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! 

Janelle Christa

Creator | Healer | Filmmaker

A True Healer

I have been receiving healings from Kathleen for releasing emotions and toxic build-up. And, damn! I feel good. It's a rather painless process even though there may be decades of gunk holding me back from enjoying life to its fullest. We started with the outer layer. It was like peeling an onion. Once we got rid of the outer stuff, we proceeded deeper, and then deeper until we got to one or two issues that were MAIN issues and then started working on those. There may be some emotional tears along the way, but the end result is so worth it. I have met new guides along the way too. My intuition has gotten stronger, my relationships Closer, and an overall sense of clarity of mind and intention has been the norm.

I have full, complete, and total unwavering trust in Kathleen's ability to work on me via telephone, long-distance, and even when I am not on the phone with her. I have referred her to everyone I know and not one person has had a bad, let alone a mediocre experience with her.

Kathleen is a true healer, a professional, and an angel! Thank you.

Michele Fergis


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